45+ Mini Python Project Ideas for College Students | Topics List

45+ Mini Python Project Ideas for College Students | Topics List

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Apart from learning the coursework, it is really important for any student to work on projects. Project-based learning is the best way out to learn. You learn by doing.

Advantages of Developing Your Own Project

What are the advantages of Developing your Personal Projects?

  • You learn something by making a project.
  • When you learn Practically, you don’t forget.
  • You develop your portfolio in parallel showing your expertise in the domain.
  • When you start developing a project you start with learning one thing. Now to fill the demand of the project, you learn ten more things to get your project done.
  • Facing a real-time project while developing the project improves your logical thinking. This is very important.
  • You can even extend this project as your academic project.

I always encourage my students to focus on developing projects from day one.

If you look into my latest video on improving coding skills, you will see, that this is one of the must-follow things. I do recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their coding skill.

After talking with many of the novice programmers, I realized, most of them don’t have project ideas.

This is the list I have curated. It includes Python project ideas for students. These topics cover beginner to advance level.

Before you start developing your Python project, I would recommend you to go through the complete Python tutorial.

Python Projects Topics for Web Scraping

These projects are developed to scrape the data from websites. This is the process of extracting meaningful information that can be used for many other purposes.

Let’s see some of the Web Scrapping Python projects.

1. Mining Twitter Data

Mining Twitter data is a popular choice when one is doing any kind of text analysis on live data. On Twitter, users share short messages called tweets. In this project those tweets are mined using Python.

Useful Python library: You can use the Tweepy Python library to get and parse the Twitter data for analysis.

2. Scrape a Website

Scraping a website is a really important task for getting any sort of real-time data and for the making of the databases.

In this project, you will learn how to scrape a website by Scrappy and storing it in a database made with MongoDB.

3. Scrape With Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a popular choice among developers when it comes to Scraping. In this project, one learns how To Scrape With Python and Selenium WebDriver.

Note: Selenium is open source tool to automate browser testing. With it, you can test various GUI objects in the web browser.

4. Which Movie Should I Watch?

In this project, one learns Scrape Top 50 Movies on IMDb. After the data is extracted it can be easily represented in the form of an application or stored in a database for any kind of analysis on it. BeautifulSoup Python is used in the process.

Python Projects Ideas for Developing Web Applications

Web applications are the project where you develop a stand-alone application that can be run in the browser. You can also deploy them on the server. If you host your application on the server, it can be accessed from anywhere using the internet.

5. Microblog with Flask

Microblogging is indeed the blogging in trend taken up by different bloggers, then why not trying to build a blog by you.

Some of the basic features you can add:

  • Allow the user to add a new post
  • Add like and dislike button for each of the posts
  • Allow others to comment on your post

Flask is an open-source web framework. It is lightweight than Django. So it is good for your learning.

6. Web App In Django

Django is a really good Python framework and you can use it to create Web Applications. Many of the enterprise applications are developed using the Django framework.

If you are interested in Web development, Django is my first choice. Here are some of the important resource to learn Django.

7. Build a ToDo List

You can build the ToDo List application using Python.

Some of the features you can add:

  • adding a new task in the ToDo list
  • swiping out after completing a particular task
  • binding all the similar tasks into one category
  • listing out all the incomplete and completed tasks

Technology to Use: You can learn to build a To-do by using Flask web development and ReThinkDB. Here, RethinkDB is a database, distributed open source.

You can also use bottle framework for developing web applications. It is lighter than Flask and Django. If you are new to the Python, bottle is good to consider.

8. Web Application with Flask

You can also try to make a web application by using the flask. Flask is a framework which is written in Python and used for the web.

For developing web applications, you also need to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Python Project Ideas for Beginners

Being new to the Python programming, here are some of the projects you can develop in Python.

  1. Tic Tac Toe Game
  2. Dice Rolling Simulator
  3. Guess the Number
  4. Space Invaders Game
Python Space Invaders Game
  1. Hangman
  2. YouTube Video Downloader
  3. Desktop Notifier App
  4. Calculator using Python
  5. Countdown Timer
  6. Social Media (Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter) Bot in Python to know the profile status
  7. Download Photos/Videos from Social Media
  8. URL Shortner
  9. Sudoku Solver
  10. Bulk File Rename
  11. Traffic Signal Simulator 
  12. Switch the signal sign (Red/Geen) for the given interval of time.
  13. Color Detection (Find the color in the image)
  14. Snake Game in Python
  15. Email Extractor (Extracting emails from the text, just like this online tool
  16. Image Resize Application
  17. Python File Explorer
  18. Web Crawler
  19. Typing Speed Test
  20. Count the number of words the user has typed in one minute. Later, you can add a feature to check only the correct words.
  21. Generating Random Password
    Hint: You can use the timestamp to avoid repeated passwords along with a random Python module.

Python Project Topics for Intermediate and Expert Developer

  1. Hospital Finder using Geographic Location
  2. Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Post
  3. Chatbot
    Here is the sample Chatbot I created using IBM Watson AI. It answers the user’s queries related to the FIFA WorldCup.
Chatbot using IBM Watson AI
  1. Detecting Fake News using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Quiz Application
  3. Detecting Age and Gender Detection using Machine Learning
  4. Python Story Generator
  5. Python Website Blocker
    Hint: You can add one entry for all the websites that need to be blocked in the iptable (for Linux system). For this, you should know the basic Linux commands.
  6. Steganography
  7. Plagiarism Checker
    It includes searching each sentence from the given text whether if it is published on any other website or not. In the end, show the plagiarism percentage.
  8. Price Comparison Extension
    Compare prices of the same product on different e-commerce sites (like Amazon, Flipkart).
  9. Breast Cancer Classification
    This is a Data Science project. You need to explore Data Science libraries before you start working on this project.
  10. Driver Drowsiness Detection
  11. Image Caption Generator
    Identify the different objects in the given image. Based on the type of objects, you can generate the caption.
  12. Cryptocurrency Portfolio app
  13. Management Project
    There can be different project ideas related to management like a ticket, event, hospital, and school/college management.
    I remember developing Patient billing software for my college mini-project.

These are some of the project ideas that can be done based on your interest. If you have any project suggestions for Python, do share in the comments below. We will surely add them to our list.

Also, learn Git. Using Git, you can manage your source code. You can also push your source code repository to the remote host like GitHub, BitBucket.

I will keep adding more Python project ideas for students. Stay tuned!

Keep Learning!


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