Complete Python Programming Tutorial

Complete Python Programming Tutorial

Complete Python Programming Tutorial

complete Python tutorial by Aniruddha Chaudhari
Python Programming

Welcome Geeks!

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Whether you want to write your own code for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, Bigdata and Data analytics or Automation, Python is one of the best choices.

Myself Python developer. Till coming this day, I have learned many programming languages and worked on. If you ask me, my foremost preferred language is Python.

You are here and reading this post. You may be well educated to understand the importance of Python. Or there may be someone who has referred you this tutorial and asked to learn the Python.

Whether you are a student or a professional working out there, I must say, your choice is Right. If you are in the IT sector, Python can make your future secure and enrich.

What’s there stopping you to learning Python, today?

I welcome each one of you to our Python tutorial. It’s my pleasure to help you to take your Python skill to the Next Level. I would love to help you to become the Proficient Python Programmer.

I know you are excited about writing your first “Hello World! programming”. Before that, you should know the basic background about Python. Like…

These are the very common questions you might have right now in your mind…

I have explained each points very preciously so that you feel motivated and enjoy learning Python.

Please go through them one-by-one.

Introduction to Python

Python is general purpose programming languages, just like C/C++ and Java. It is known for being the most versatile programming language as it can be used in many different technology trends.

Python is useful for Data Science technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence… Many of the automation scripts are written in Python.  On another side, there are many Python web frameworks to build websites from small to complete enterprise level websites.

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn (at least for beginners to start with). It also one of the highest paying programming languages.

What do Google and people say about Python worldwide?

Python Google Trends Graph

This graph shows how Python is trending. There is a huge increment in Google Search about Python worldwide from 2004 to the present date.

Why should you learn Python?

1. Multi-Platform language

You can run Python code on any platform whether it is Windows, Mac OS, UNIX or any Linux distribution.

2. Extensive Support Library

There are huge numbers of standard libraries in Python. Rather than writing every project code from the scratch, you can import Python libraries in your program and use them. It makes your development faster and easier.

You can find Python libraries for data analysis, data science, website development, automation scripting, almost for everything…

3. Integration Feature

You can integrate your Python project code with many other general purpose programming languages like C, C++, Java… In fact, many of the Python libraries are developed using C programming. For data handling, Python can use XML, JSON and many other markup languages.

4. Powerful Packages

Python comes with very powerful set of packages for data science, website development, automation… As per project requirements or your area of interest  you can use different packages. It makes development pretty easy.

5. IT Industry Adoption Trend

Python is one of the consistently growing technologies. Python is growing and getting popular every year around by 20%. This is huge. For sure, Python has bright future career opportunities.

6. All the big ones using Python

Many of the top companies uses Python. Google, YouTube, Facebook uses Python. Instagram application is built on Python. Dropbox and Quora are other two platforms using Python. Netflix uses Python for their Machine Learning technology. They are developing movie/series recommendation system using Python. Incredible growth, isn’t it?

Let’s start learning Python today and secure your future…

Why learning Python is good for your career?

For Career Point of View

Learning Python can open so many lucrative job opportunities.

Whether if it’s…

  • giving Intelligence to your Artificial objects (Artificial Intelligence)
  • teaching your Machine (Machine Learning)
  • connecting all the objects over the Internet (Internet Of Things)
  • knowing Future Trends and Business Analytics  (Bigdata and Data analytics)
  • developing own website or web-app using Python framework (Web Development)

Python is best choices.

It is also used as a scripting language and very much useful for automation. Most of the testing automation is carried out in Python.

Quora, the most prominent forum to discuss on any topic is completely developed using Python.

When Founder of Quora, Adam D’Angelo was developing Quora, he had many options like PHP, Java, C#… He chose Python. It is obvious choice for him.

Learn Python for development

Recently Instagram moved from Python 2 to Python 3.

These are some quick examples to envision the power of Python.

And you already aware, all the above-mentioned technologies are trending technologies in the IT industry. Python is one of the best choices that can open so many doors.

Is Python easy to learn?

For Learning Point of View:

Despite having so many use-cases and scalability in a wide variety of technologies, Learning Python is not much difficult if you follow the proper strategy with dedication. In fact, it’s fun if you enjoy it.

There are so many libraries that have already written. You can just import those libraries into your program and call the function defined in those libraries.

Like many other companies, Google has developed open source project called tensorflow for Machine Learning.

Does any other programing language provide this feature better than Python?

There are so many points I would like to mention here. But, let’s keep it short for this tutorial. Moreover, it feels great when you feel it by yourself while Learning Python.

How to Make the Best Use of this Python Tutorial?

Are you serious about Python?

Here, I’m sharing a complete Python tutorial which includes basic syntax, easy explanation and numerous coding examples.

You can find a link to all tutorials in the left sidebar widget.

Best Python Programming Tutorial content

If you want to learn Python completely, follow the Python tutorial in the same order as I mentioned.

Go through each article. Read it completely, understand the code. Copy and run the same code on your system.

We also have an online CSEstack IDE where you can execute your Python code. You don’t need any setup.

The visualizing output of the program makes you more enthusiastic and confident.

If you stuck anywhere or if you have any problem understanding code, use the comment section present below each article and write your query. I reply to all comments.

Keep building small projects as you go with this tutorial. Try to automate the small routine tasks.

Note: We keep updating this tutorial by adding more Python programs. To get updated with the newly added Python programs, you can bookmark this page

About Author

Aniruddha Chaudhari

Aniruddha Chaudhari

Myself Aniruddha Chaudhari, author of this complete Python online course. I completed my master of Computer Science from NIT Trichy. I enjoying my journey being a Python developer and write Python code almost every day.

For me, this course is to share my Python knowledge and experience with you, in the intention of helping and educating programmers to learn Python.

For any doubt about Python, you can always say ‘hi’ to me. For any specific query related to any tutorial, feel free to comment. I will reply as soon as possible and will try my best to help you.

Hoping for your constructive and embracing feedback ;), so that I can keep this tutorial more updated for you.

Using this Python Tutorial?

All the Python code and contents posted in this tutorial are FREE to USE.

I personally spend a lot of time, writing code, doing research, exploring multiple libraries and then curating content for you. So, just do a favor; if you are using any of the articles from this tutorial, please give a link back to the article.

My mission is to spread knowledge and guiding more geeks by tutoring Python skills. Being part of this mission, you can also refer this tutorial to your friends, relatives or whoever you feel benefitted.

Thank you!
Aniruddha C.

What other says about this tutorial?

Very Good Platform for Python

Madhumaya Kar

CSEstack is a very good platform I found while searching material for python. Basically, Aniruddha’s support to revert back without failure is something which is damn unique.

Content-wise also you covered all aspect without making the topic boring or one can feel its cant been done by going through it.

Madhumaya Kar
Senior Software Engineer at Mavenir

Aniruddha is so kind to help & encourage readers to reach their Goal

aditya mundhala

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks in especial Aniruddha highlighting key notes from my personal experience.

As we all know and experience, we do have many sources for knowledge already available, Important is what to do if we get stuck in between?

Aniruddha is so kind as to help us even at small step giving solutions as well as Encouraging the reader to reach his/her Goal.

Aditya Mundhada
Senior Risk Analyst (Trading Assistant) at CRISIL Irevna UK

All the articles we have written in this Python Programming Tutorial are best of our knowledge. A human makes mistakes so we may. If you find anything is not working for you, feel free to write back to us.


  1. I just completed this Python tutorial, and I have to say it’s one of the most well-structured and informative resources I’ve come across for learning Python from scratch. The way you explained the fundamentals in Chapter 1 really helped me grasp the core concepts of the language.

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