C and C++ Programming Tutorials for Beginners | Coding Examples

C and C++ Programming Tutorials for Beginners | Coding Examples

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C is one of the most popular and common programming languages among developers. In many of the academic courses, this is the first language being taught.

Myself Anirudha Chaudhari, curating this tutorial. Though I’m a professional Python developer, C is the first language I learned and I’m so grateful for it.

This language has become my first step into the programming world. It has helped me to understand programming concepts and building logic. These are the two most pilar you have to embrace if you want to become the best developer.

You are here and reading this post. This may or may not be your first programming language, whether you are a student or a professional working out there, I must say, your choice is Right.


I welcome you to our C/C++ tutorial. It’s my pleasure to help you to take your Programming skills to the Next Level. Going through this tutorial and practicing, you are stepping stones to become the Proficient C Programmer.

Introduction to C/C++

C is the general purpose programming languages, founded by Dennis Ritchie. He is one of the most influential computer programmers in the world of History.

C++ is an advancement in C programming. In other words, I can say, C++ is the superset of the C programming language. Every code you write in C programming executes on C++ platform.

So if you want to learn C++, C is the programming language you should start with.

C/C++ is considered as one of the most paid programming languages and simplest programming languages for beginners.

About Author

Aniruddha Chaudhari

Aniruddha Chaudhari

Myself Aniruddha Chaudhari, master of Computer Science from NIT Trichy and author of this C/C++ online course.

For me, this course is to share my C/C++ programming knowledge and experience with you. The sole intention is to help and educate programmers to learn C programming.

While going through these tutorials if you come across any uncertainty, you can always cross my path or just to say ‘hello’. For any specific query related to any tutorial, you can always discuss in the comment section. I will get back to you as soon as possible and will try my best to help you.

Hoping for your constructive and embracing feedback 😉 Your feedback can help me to update and write new tutorials more nicely!

Using this C/C++ Tutorial?

All the C/C++ code and contents shared in this tutorial are FREE TO USE.

I personally spend a lot of time doing research, writing code, executing each code snippet and then curating content for you. So, I request you a little favor. If you are using any of the coding snippet or article contents from this tutorial, please give a link back to the article.

The main motivation behind this tutorial is to spread knowledge and guiding more students by tutoring C/C++ programming skills. You can also be a part of this mission by referring this tutorial to your friends, relatives or whoever you feel benefitted.

Note: We keep updating this list by adding more tutorials. Bookmark this page to visit again and to check newly added tutorials.

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All the articles we have written in this Python Programming Tutorial are best of our knowledge. A human makes mistakes so we may. If you find anything is not working for you, feel free to write back to us.


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