[Complete Roadmap] How to Become Full-Stack Developer?

[Complete Roadmap] How to Become Full-Stack Developer?

This article will guide you about web development trends in 2023 and your roadmap to become a full-stack developer.

Web Development is an ever-growing and Evergreen Domain in Computer Science technologies. This may be used to develop Websites, Web apps, or Progressive web apps.

In Web Development there is continuous Development and one or the other framework is coming every day so it’s not constant. You have to pick the best.

We have to regularly update ourselves in this domain. So in this article, I will give you an Introduction to Web Development and what to learn in 2023.

Roles and Technologies Used by Full-Stack Developer

There are three main roles in web Development

Front-End Development

This is the place where people take care of the Visible things which are the User Interaction and Interface Elements of the website. That is, you render the data in a form that is easy and looks attractive for the user to consume.

This has become one of the top skills you can learn to get a job.

Technologies used in Font-End Development:

Here the Technologies used are HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Frameworks of CSS and Javascript.

  • Frameworks of CSS: Materialize,Bootstrap,Foundation,Skeleton.css
  • Frameworks of Javascript: React, Vue JS, Angular, etc

Vue JS is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks. If you look at Google Trends, Vue.js demand is increasing day-to-day.

Vue js Google Trends

Check the Vue-JS guide to learn why it is gaining so much popularity.

Backend Development

This is part of Development that deals with processing the data and storing and retrieving it from the database.

What’s the role of a Backend Developer?

  • The backend developer performs CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations with the data.
  • The developer takes care of security by encrypting important information.

Some of the common technologies used here are PHP, Python, Javascript, Asp.net, etc.

Popular database languages used are SQL relational databases and MongoDB also known as NoSQL databases.

Read more here.

Frameworks for Backend Development:

  • Python: Django, Flask, Bottle
  • Javascript: Node Js
  • PHP: Laravel
  • Ruby: Ruby on rails
  • Java: For Java developers, I have covered a detailed article about various Java frameworks for web applications.

Before learning any framework, you have to choose one programing language among Python, JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby. Learn the basics of programming languages. Once you are comfortable, start learning the framework.

Which framework is best to learn?

We cannot deny this fact. All these frameworks are used by companies based on their requirement. Every framework has its pros and cons.

My personal choice is Python. Python is the most demanding programming language today.

If you choose Python, follow a complete Python tutorial.

Not sure about the Python framework? Go with the Django.

Python to Learn Django

You can build and scale enterprise-level web applications using Django. It has more features as compared to Flask. You can read the prerequisites for learning Django.

The bottle is another Python web framework. It is the most lightweight and easy to learn. If you want to build a simple website with no authentication system, and no admin panel; the bottle framework is your choice.  It is even easy to learn. Refer to a simple guide to building your website using a bottle framework.

Full-Stack Development

The full-stack developer takes care of both the backend and Frontend Development of the web application.

If you are a beginner, start learning the backend or frontend. Once you get familiar with one, focus on another. Gradually you will learn both.

I know many of my friends who were backend developers and now became a full-stack developer. This is the process. When you get involved in any one of the development, gradually you will start learning both.

If you are willing to learn a full-stack development course, you can find the Full Stack Developer Course. With the online course from an industry expert, you can learn at your comfort.

Full-Stack Development Tools and Software

1. Text/Code Editor

This is the tool where you will basically type your code. Some of the commonly used ones are

  • VScode:
    It is free and has lots of extensions. Its main advantage is it’s open-source(recommended)
  • Sublime:
    Simple and awesome Code Editor
  • The other options available are Atom, Notepad++, and many more

Based on the operating system you are working on, choose the best editor for writing code.

2. Web Browser

With the help of this, you will see your output. You have to test your website by running it on the browser. And that’s where the user will use your website.

The most popular browsers used by developers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

I would recommend installing both browsers. Test your website running on them. Almost everyone uses one of these browsers. If your websites render properly on both browsers, you are good to go.

3. Editor Extensions

These are some of the extra plugins or Extensions that will make your work easier.

Here are some extensions I would recommend to you.

  • We have Prettier in VScode to make our code look good.
  • The most important one is the Live Server. With the help of this, you can see the changes live in the browser.

There are many more useful extensions available in Atom and VS Code.

4. Design and Mockup:

Website designing is very important as it is your first impression of the user.

If you are a Web Designer or a UI/UX designer you need to build prototypes or designs.

Tools used for this purpose are Adobe XD, Figma, InDesign, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more.

5. Source Code Management Tools:

  • Git is the most useful source code management tool. With this, you can manage various versions of your code.
  • GitHub is the repository where you can store your source code remotely. So that everyone in your team can access the project source code.

Start Learning GIT

Git and Github make the best combo. These two are the most important things used in Version Controls used in big projects or when you work in teams.

How should learn FullStack Development?

This is a brief roadmap you have to follow to become a FullStack developer.

If you are interested in getting a full-stack development job, check out the full-stack developer interview questions asked in Morgan Stanley. You will get an idea of the different topics.

If you are new to web development, you might think, I have listed lots of technologies over here. Don’t pull yourself into that shadow. Focus on one technology. Learn the basics and move to another. When you start working on a real project, you will learn all these things gradually.

Do you have any further dilemmas? Do you need any help? Write to me in the comment. I’m there for you.


  1. When choosing a web framework for backend development, you should keep in mind that project features are not the only factor you should consider how easily you can find and hire developers with a required stack. Hourly cost matters as well. Is Flask good anyway? If it’s suitable for your project and if you can quickly find good programmers for an adequate cost, then Flask is perfect for you.

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