Vue Js as Best Front-end Framework for You | Working, Pros and Cons

Vue Js as Best Front-end Framework for You | Working, Pros and Cons

The world is moving towards business 4.0 and people are preferring digital products. Technology is powering all the businesses and generating revenue for them. In today’s world, every company has its website to showcase its products and attract people. The website is one of the very important assets of every company.

If you look at the technology,

JavaScript governs the client-side development that is the user interactions in Web applications.

We can develop interactive websites with Vanilla js, HTML, and CSS (learn HTML and CSS). JavaScript frameworks are extensively used in front end development as it makes the website faster and user-friendly for the user and easy to develop as modules for the developer.

The three most common frameworks used in front end development are React, Angular and Vue js.

In this article, I will be talking to you about Vue.js, pros and cons of Vue Js.

We have the React from Facebook and Angular from Google but Vue is supported by a community and not a big company like this.

Vue js is really easy to learn compared to React and Angular. Many people don’t know about it because of the extensive use of the other two frameworks.


Vue Js is a new progressive JavaScript framework used in front end development.

This framework can be used in a particular part of the website. the entire website also can be built using Vue js. It runs on the client but the app will be run by the server.

How does Vue Js Works?

We create an instance known as Vue instance. It deals with the virtual DOM (Document Object Model) instead of the DOM.

The Vue js instance continuously watches the virtual DOM for changes. If there are any changes or updates it Directly in the DOM. So it is faster as it updates the DOM only if there are any changes.

Like other frameworks, Vue Js also divides the website into reusable components and passes data between them. It has many directories for establishing user interaction related to functionalities.

Why Learn Vue Js?

First of all, see the Google trend to understand the future scope and growth of the Vue.js over the years.

Vue js Google Trends

Developer friendly that is it is very easy for students to learn as the first framework after learning JavaScript.This framework is currently gaining lots of importance as more people have started about Vue js according to Google Trends ad lots of stars ad forks in Github.

Smaller in Size and Faster. The compiled version is only about 20kb and we can also use the CDN link to use it. We also have the VUE CLI tool used to create complete Vue js apps.

Improves user interaction and makes the website faster this Framework is also used by big tech companies like Alibaba, Netflix ad Adobe. To know more visit

Pros and Cons of Vue Js

How is Vue JS different from React and Angular?


  • Small size (lightweight)
  • High performance
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple and awesome integration


  • Closed community development
  • Run-time errors in the template
  • Fewer resources

Do you have any further questions on Vue Js or JavaScript framework? Write in the comment below.

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