Big Data


11 Basic BIG DATA Interview Questions and Answers

Basic Big data interview questions and answers asked in job interview.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst Roles and Responsibilities | Salary, Tools

What is Business analytics (BA)? Data analytics tools for beginners. Business analyst roles and responsibilities. Average Salary in India.

data analytics

Top 10 Trending Data Analytics Tools | Comparison

What are the top trending big data analytics tools? [Free/Open Source/Paid] Complete comparison.

data science

Important Math Topics and Skills Needed for Data Science

How much math needed for data science? What are the important mathematical skills and mathematics topics to become a Data Scientist?

machine learning

R Vs Python | Best Programming Language for Machine Learning

R vs Python for machine learning. Which is the best programming language for ML? Difference between Python and R for AI and ML.

data science

39 Most Useful Python Modules hold 95% Python Jobs

What are the most useful python modules, packages and libraries for Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and web development framework? Explore and Get high paying jobs.


11 Must-have Skills Required for Data Scientist Jobs

Who Else Want To Become A Data Scientist? Here are 11 Qualification and skills required for data scientist Jobs…


Top 7 BIG DATA Future Trends You should Know

More high-profile companies are resorting to big data future trends. It will continue to rise for business & career opportunity.


Big Data Growth Mind-blowing Fact | Why is Everyone talking about it?

What is the reason behind Big Data Growth fact? According to the research, what are the terms that define the big data revolution?