39 Most Useful Python Modules hold 95% Python Jobs

39 Most Useful Python Modules hold 95% Python Jobs

39 Most Useful Python Modules hold 95% Python Jobs

One of the best things about Python is its library support.

Python libraries are so powerful. And that gives Python an edge over most of its other competitive programming languages.

In this article, you will learn the most useful Python libraries and how you can secure your high-paying jobs in 2023.

most useful python modules

What is the Python library or module?

To keep it simple, it is a program that is already written and has defined many of the useful functions inside it. So rather than writing your own functions, you can simply import those libraries in your code and call them.

import <my_dream_library>

This one-liner has changed and impacted many Python worriers’ life.

Engineering and development have become so easy.

Using those most important Python libraries, the lines of code in your program have been reduced to 5%. Maybe even lesser.

Whether you are dwelling in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, or Networking… you can easily find Python libraries in that domain.

Of course, someone has already spent sleepless nights writing those Python libraries for you.

You are in DEBT.

But, you don’t have a choice. You have to take this debt. Today, you can not RISK YOUR JOB by not using these most useful Python libraries.

Interestingly, all these libraries are available for FREE.

Now, you owe them (who has written these libraries) a cup of coffee 😉 This is the last thing you can do for them.

While you bring them a coffee, here is the list of those most useful Python libraries I am curating for you.

List of Most Useful Python Modules

You May Lose Your Job Not Using Them 😉

Let’s start one by one…

Artificial Intelligence

For the sake of simplicity, we can redefine AI. It is displaying intelligence by machine.

There are different pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence.  But, when it comes to development, Python is the best suitable programming language for AI. This is mainly because of Python library support.

What are the best Python libraries for AI?

AI is a vast topic and includes branches like Machine Learning, AI, Neural Networking, and Natural Language Processing.

There are some prominent Python libraries you need to explore to get into these AI branches.

Machine Learning

If you are new in this field, learn the introduction of Machine learning for beginners.

What are the different Machine Learning Python Libraries available?

  1. PyML
  2. PyBrain
  3. scikit-learn
  4. MDP Toolkit
  5. GraphLab Create
  6. MIPy

General AI

What are the Useful Python Libraries for General AI?

  1. pyDatalog
  2. AIMA
  3. EasyAI
  4. SimpleAI

Neural Networking

What are the Python modules supporting Neural Networking?

  1. PyAnn
  2. pyrenn
  3. ffnet
  4. neurolab

Natural Language and Text Processing

What are the good Python Libraries for Natural Language and Text Processing?

  1. Quepy
  2. NLTK
  3. genism

Big Data, Data Analytics & Data Science

This domain deals with gathering, processing, and analyzing data.

You need special skills to become a data scientist.

You need special types of Python libraries that provide an effective structure to store and process a massive amount of data.

What are the best Python modules for Data Science?

  1. Pandas
  2. scikit-learn
  3. NumPy
  4. SciPy
  5. GraphLab Create
  6. IPython
  7. Bokeh
  8. Agate
  9. PySpark
  10. Dask

These are the top 10 Python modules used in data science.

Read more detail about these Data Science libraries before you proceed.

After analyzing and processing the data using the above Python modules, you also need to visualize and plot the final statistics.

Which is the Best library for Data Visualization and for Plotting the graph?

Just like data processing, there are many different Python libraries for plotting the graph and representing data in pictorial diagrams.

Here is the one best among all.

  1. matplotlib

You will be using these libraries in most of your data science projects.

It’s not an exaggeration if I say- Python is one of the reasons behind Big Data and Data Science success.

If you are new to the Data Science field, I would recommend you to start by exploring the Numpy Python module.

Computer Networking & Cyber Security

With the number of devices getting connected, network security has become Really BIG concern.

It is one of the most interesting topics. We are dominated by the Internet every day. We can not just stop talking about it.

Networking involves multiple activities like configuration routers and switches, routing packets, and different networking protocols. If you are a network admin, you might find it familiar.

And to assist different purposes, Python has different specific libraries.

What are the Python libraries for Networking?

  1. Ansible
  2. Netmiko
  3. NAPALM(Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support)
  4. Pyeapi
  5. Junos PyEZ
  6. PySNM
  7. Paramiko SSH

There are two major things in networking- automation and cybersecurity.

With these libraries, you can also automate certain networking tasks. Instead of spending a lot of time doing the same networking stuff, again and again, automation makes your life easy.

You might like spending that time with your family 😉

Cybersecurity is a big concern. Some of these libraries will assist the network to acknowledge and prevent security threats.

Framework for Web Development

Many major websites are developed using Python programming. Quora is a big example.

There are many Python libraries that assist web development so-called Python web framework. Depending on the maturity and adaptability following three Python frameworks are used.

  1. Django
  2. Flask
  3. Bottle
  4. Beautifulsoup (for web scrapping)

Most of the enterprise/IT development uses the Django web framework. It comes features with almost all the features required for website development. If you want to get into an IT job, start learning Django.

If you are wondering what we can build with Django, our online CV builder is built on this framework.

Among all three, the Bottle Python framework is the easiest and most light-weighted web framework to start web development.

The list is big. I have mentioned only the most useful web framework.

Where Not to Use the Python?

You might be thinking as I keep praising Python. It’s not the case. There are certain areas where Python lags. And you should stop using Python for it.

Many of the readers asked me about App development.

Are there Python libraries for developing mobile apps? Can we use Python for developing Android or iOS apps?

If you ask me to answer with one word.


Is it worth developing a mobile app using Python?


I already had this discussion about it earlier.

Whether it is Python or any programming language, I don’t recommend using one programming language for all your task.

Every programming language is developed for a specific domain.  And use them accordingly.

Your Turn…

If you are looking for a job or dwelling in these trending technologies, you need to explore these libraries. In 2023, 95% of the Python jobs are going to revolve around these libraries

So what are you waiting for?

Choose your technology interest. Choose libraries based on your desired technology. Install them using the pip tool and start exploring.

Gradually you will learn to implement these Python libraries in your project.

Now, I want to listen to you.

What are the Python libraries you use and find them more useful? Also, mention the purpose and domain these libraries belong to by commenting below.

If you find this list interesting, you might like to share this article on social media with your colleagues and friends.

Happy Pythoning!


  1. This is a really good resource, Aniruddha. I got to know more Python libraries here. Thanks for mentioning.

    1. Hi Netali Bargawa,

      I prefer the PySide library for GUI.

      PyQt5 is Python 3 only
      PySide2 is available for Python3 and Python 2.7

      The main difference between these two libraries is Licensing.
      PySide2 under a LGPL license.
      PyQt5 is available under a GPL or commercial license

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