Top 9 Python Applications | Why Should You Learn Python Today?

Top 9 Python Applications | Why Should You Learn Python Today?

In this article, I will explain Python applications and big companies using Python. I will also try to explain why learning Python can be game-changing for your career growth.

Introduction to Python

Python is a general-purpose language that can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from Development to testing.

Python is the fastest-growing programming language that is not only used by software developers but also by mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, accountants, network engineers, game developers, and even by kids.

This language is also used by kids as it is a very beginner-friendly programming language.

People use this language for a variety of purposes based on their needs like data analyst use it to visualize and analyze data, Accountants used to automate their work in Excel, Customer care executive uses it to send automatic emails and so on.

Python can make our daily work easier.

Python Applications in Real-Time

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Python is used in

  1. Data Analysis and Data Science:
    This is a domain where lots of data is analyzed and various algorithms are applied to the data to gather insights from the data or to answer a business problem. Python libraries like pandas, seaborn are used for this purpose. There are many Python libraries available for data science.
  2. Artificial Intelligence:
    This is a field of adding intelligence to the machines so that they can think like humans and perform tasks with perfection like machines. This type of intelligent algorithms are written in python
  3. Machine Learning:
    It is the branch where we make machines smarter to solve similar kinds of problems by training them with data. Python is one of the best Programing Language to learn for Machine Learning.
  4. Automation:
    Automation has become an integral part of our software industry. With automation, we automate the processing the repetitive tasks which save time and human resources.
  5. Web Apps:
    The most popular social media we are using today like Instagram are built using Django that’s a framework of Python. Other popular web apps are Quora, Youtube which uses Python.
  6. Mobile apps:
    Python kiwi library is also used for building mobile apps.
  7. Desktop apps:
    Python Tkinter library is used to build apps for the desktop ie PCs
  8. Testing:
    The Unittest and Pyunit are the two important testing frameworks of Python used to test software applications. If you are interested in learning Automation Testing, Python is your best choice.
  9. Hacking:
    As Python is an open-source language there are lots of Python libraries available. Some of them are Wifi-pumpkin, Sqlmap, Autosploit, Featheduster, etc. These libraries can be used for hacking.

Advantages of Python Over Other Programming Languages

If you know any other programming language like javascript you may say we can do all these tasks using other programming languages.

Then, Why to use the only Python for that?

  1. With Python, we can solve complex problems in less time with fewer lines of code.
    To get the first three characters of a string str=” Hello World”
    c# Code
    Javascript Code
    Python Code 
  2. Python is short and clean as it has simple and clear syntax
  3. Itis a high-level language and we need not worry about complex tasks lime you do in C++.
  4. Python is Cross-platform so you can run the apps build using python on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  5. It has a Huge Community to support you when you get stuck.
  6. Python has a large ecosystem that is tons of libraries that make our work easier.
  7. It is a highly versatile programming language

What are the Big Companies Uses Python?

Python has a huge scope as it is used by companies like Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Netflix, Quora, and Nasa, etc.

If you are a skilled Python developer, you have a wonderful opportunity to grab higher-paying jobs. Python developers have an average salary package of 115 thousand dollars a year in the United States.

Python is a multi-purpose language with a simple and beginner-friendly syntax

So start learning Python which helps you to get high paying jobs in various domains.

In this article, I have listed down Python applications and big companies using Python. If you have any query related to Python, ask me in the comment.

Keep Learning Python!

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