11 Must-have Skills Required for Data Scientist Jobs

11 Must-have Skills Required for Data Scientist Jobs

11 Must-have Skills Required for Data Scientist Jobs

When I went home, my nephew asked me “What do I do?”

I said “Data Science”.

*astonishingly* “What does it mean?” he asked.

Here is my answer to little champ eating Peanuts.

Data Science is about finding the TWO peanuts that you lost on the DIRTY Corridor.

He “Wow! It’s so simple, Mamu. I thought you are doing something great”.

Oh No! 🙁 It’s not that what you think champion. *Facepalm moment*

The rest of the explanation is for you.

You go through this article. Meanwhile, I’m going to brainwash my nephew before he tells everyone about my new job of finding peanuts. 😀

What is Data Science?

Recalling my unprincipled definition…

Beware! Nowhere you will find this definition and don’t use it.

Data Science is about finding TWO peanuts that you lost in the DIRTY Corridor. 😀

I am serious.

Let’s talk about Gmail.

These stats will blow your mind.

There are 1.5B personal and 5M business users globally on Gmail.

Google blocks more than 99.9%of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching your inboxes, every day, every moment.

99.9% of spam data is ENORMOUS.

It means Google makes their business with that 0.1% remaining.

The science behind finding that 0.1 % of valuable information is Data Science.

And the engineers responsible for extracting that 0.1% of information are Data Scientists?

Why is Data Science / Data Scientist in Demand?

Data scientists are extremely in demand nowadays in the field of information and technology. The data is being generated in huge quantities every second.

The incorporation of data and growing data in vast quantity has created fresh opportunities for people who like to play with information.

Before going into the skills required for Data Scientist, I would like to ask you a question…

Qualification and Skills Required for Data Scientist

Who Else Want To Become A Data Scientist?

If you are, here you go. I am answering …

What does a data scientist do and how can you become a data scientist?

Well, we are familiar with data but the job of a data scientist is to be better in the statistics than any other software engineer.

This is because…

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data and statistics.

Quote from Daniel Keys Moran (Programmer and Science Fiction Writer).

This is the reason why we need a data scientist. They help business persons to evaluate the data and generate business intelligence forecasts.

Let me start taking your question:  how do I become a data scientist?

Qualification and Skills Required for Data Scientist

If you are Google Engineer, here is how you will use the following skills to filter out all those spam data.

Here are amazing techniques for you for becoming and perusing a data scientist career.

1. Mathematical Skill

If you want to become a data scientist you need to polish your statistical and mathematical skills. You also need to learn advanced mathematics because at some level of data statistics general mathematics doesn’t help for analysis. So start practicing mathematics and statistics.

Mathematics Skills Required for Data Science

2. Algorithm and Reasoning

A good data scientist is one who knows how to apply algorithms, reasoning, and linear equations to data for the best outcome.

3. Questioning Skills

A good data scientist is one who questions everything and calculates the answer from the departure of the flight to the landing timings. So polish up your questioning skills.

4. Your Passion for Data Science

And make sure you have a passion for data science in you. Without a passion for the calculation of data, this field as a career is very dry. If you have passion, you can earn more satisfaction than the amount you earn as income.

5. Programming Skills Required for Data Scientist

You need to learn the basics of data for becoming a data scientist. Get the proper knowledge about machine languages, programming language Python, and other coding languages.

Python is the most suited language as there are many Python libraries available for Data Science. You can explore them for Free.

6. Database Knowledge

You have to be perfect in databases; the tools which are used for databases and how to use analyses and extract the data from the database. A data scientist should have perfect and keen knowledge of the database.

7. Cleaning Raw Data

You need to learn the data cleansing and data mugging methods. You have the raw data now you need to mug and clean the data from raw to convert it into use full relevant data.

8. Big Data and Hadoop

You need to learn about data management techniques. Once you have mastered the above-mentioned data managing techniques, now it’s time to learn about big data and Hadoop techniques.

Everyone is talking about Big Data. Big Data is growing enormously; it seems to be an emerging career path.

9. Data Pyramid Model

Big data is the main concept for a data scientist to learn. Understand the Data Pyramid model. In big data, the data scientist will refine the data of all types, including texts, videos, audios, and other data sources into their business intelligence system and make the statistic report.

Keep practicing your approaches towards data sciences because your practice will make you perfect in your field. You can also opt for the data science course.

Getting a Career in Data Science Job…

10. Join Like-Minded Geeks

Join the data scientist community for keeping yourself self-updated with the data science researchers, technologies, and latest discoveries.

11. Finding a Job in Data Science

For career opportunities join data science, boot camps or internship programs such programs can lead to your data scientist professional job. And lastly, follow the community of data scientists it will keep you updated and informed.

Wrapping up…

This is all about the prerequisite skills required for Data Scientist. These skills also fulfill the data scientist job requirements.

Do you have any questions or any related to discuss? Let’s start a discussion in a comment.


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