9 Difference between MySQL and MongoDB

9 Difference between MySQL and MongoDB

In an earlier article, I have explained you the difference between SQL and NoSQL types of databases.

In this article, let’s see the basic difference between MySQL and MongoDB.

MongoDB Vs MySQL | COMPARISON in Tabular Form

# Property MySQL MongoDB
1 Types of Database MySQL is SQL type of database management system. MongoDB is example of NoSQL database management system.
2 Structured vs Unstructured MySQL uses structured query language. MongoDB uses unstructured query language.
3 Schema MySQL has a predefined schema. There must be a relation between rows and columns. MongoDB does not have such restriction.
4 Join Operation Support MySQL supports SQL JOIN statements. MongoDB does not support any join operations.
5 Execution Speed MySQL is slower than MongoDB if we compare in terms of large query handling. MongoDB is faster for handling large query.
6 Relation MySQL has master-slave replication. MongoDB focuses on shading and auto-election.
7 Community Support MySQL has the best community support due to the presence of ORACLE, other big entities. MongoDB does not have community support as good as MySQL.
8 Usage It is mainly used for OLTP (Online Transaction Processing). It is mainly used for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).
9 Alterative Examples  Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite are some of the alternatives to the MySQL SQL database. Cassandra is one of the alternatives to MongoDB NoSQL database.

If you are interested to learn MySQL, check the complete MySQL tutorial.

This is all about difference between MySQL and MongoDB explained with examples. If you have any questions, comment below.

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