Refer These 6 Python Books to Master Programming | Beginners to Advanced

Refer These 6 Python Books to Master Programming | Beginners to Advanced

Refer These 6 Python Books to Master Programming | Beginners to Advanced

Python is not a new beast in the market. It is one of the funniest programming languages and there has always been a demand for Python among learners to acquire it as a first programming language.

Python has been receiving great popularity as the first language to teach beginners. People from a non-programming background can also grab concepts and syntax in Python.

Stackoverflow’s recent survey has demonstrated that Python is the most searched programming language on the internet for people searching tutorials and queries related to this programming language.

Python as most searched programming language on the internet

Top-ranked CS departments at MIT, Harvard, Yale, Duke and UC Berkeley formerly switched their fundamental courses of programming in Python.

Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language loved by programmers all over the sphere.

  • It is an interpreted language with its easy syntax.
  • It also follows object-oriented features as well as procedural programming aspects.
  • One more advantage other than writing and maintaining code by programmers is easy to read and write.
  • Python has a huge programming community.
  • There are a lot more powerful packages in Python which are being used for machine learning, advanced AI and potent web applications.

The reason is quite clear why you should start learning python. It is also one of the most used programming languages for machine learning.

But the issue here is what is the best possible way to learn python and be a job-ready professional.

Keeping in mind building a strong foundation and taking your programming skill from beginner to an expert level we have selected these books for Python programming language.

Best book for Python programming language

1. Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course is one of the best books for a beginner written by Eric Matthes.

The book uses a project-based approach for teaching Python programming language.

First, few chapters deal with conditionals, loops, variables data types, arrays, functions and classes. It holds your hand from scratch and teaches you the basics of python.

When you reach the level to have a healthy clutch on the language elements there are many real-world applications carved as to the projects.

Python crash course book is also considerable for enhancing your programmatically thinking ability by working on real-world software and creating web applications.

It moreover gives you a test of machine learning, data scraping and real-world game development which utilizing some popular libraries in Python.

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2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners

Al Sweigart is a software developer and author of the book breakdown concepts in Python. It teaches you to every line of code in a simple manner and again rearranges the code to teach you to make scalable software in Python.

The book teaches you to wield the programming idea and automate the everyday boring stuff in your life like PDF handling, data manipulation, Word and Excel surveying and create codes for these daily usable works.

The book is furthermore important for coding interviews for having the best foundation over Python syntax and some popular libraries.

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3. Python Interview Guide for Product Based Companies

Python Interview Questions eBook

This book consists of more than 75+ interview questions frequently asked in product-based companies. All the questions are explained with coding examples, in the most simplest manner.

Whether you are freshers or experienced, refer to Python interview questions from this book. Surely, this will help you in cracking coding interviews.

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4. The Complete Reference Python

The books prevail in the uses of python by creating web and application development by using object-oriented programming concepts.

It is composed in a way to teach programmers how to use Python by illustrating the fundamental working of Python.

The appendixes section in the book suggests a short briefing on the central features of the Python language.

It has also another section for IDE development and some non-essential things like migration from another programming language, writing and maintaining code with a better approach.

As this book covers examples from web applications, if you are interested in learning website development using Python, this is one of the best choices.

The book is also recommended for interview and college exam preparation.

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5. Python Cookbook, Third Edition, by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones

This book is for both new and experienced programmers. It provides your enormous grasp on data structures, strings and text manipulation, file input-output and a detailed guide on developing and organizing code.

This book also helps you in moving from Python2 to Python3 by relating to the code in Python 2 and brings the new changes that have to succeed in Python 3.

This book has confirmed beneficial for experienced Python developers for learning new tools and technologies and advanced Python intuitions.

The edition is a complete recipe for various significant topics covering core Python syntax and real-world application of operational work in Python.

The book provides you with the code sample with an explanation of every line of code by providing a detailed understanding of the subject.

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6. Think Python: Introduction to Software Design

Think Python book is often recommended by professionals everywhere for preparing for programming interviews.

The book is sufficient for getting started with the programming journey.

Each topic is well structured for practical use of python and practicing the problem-solving part with Python Programming language, separate exercise for each programming core concepts. And exercises are available with a solution too.

This book will help you for solving competitive programming challenges.

This is a Jungle book not only for Python developers but for all computer science students working on the problem-solving and logic building.

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What next after learning these books

The judgment of learning programming and technology depends on your commitment. We are driving things that are only important and crucial for us.

You can select any one of this book presented above and follow it thoroughly. Building projects and revising chapters is necessary for assembling thinking ability. If you are preparing for the job interviews, go with the 3rd book mentioned.

If you want to learn Python online, you can always refer to complete Python tutorials on CSEstack.

Python learning is like a gym, the more you practice the more you grow. Solving coding questions, working on your project, discussing it with your colleagues and doing advancement, this is the nicer approach that we consider for learning any programming language.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 5 books that we recommend for beginners and advanced programmers who are interested in learning the Python programming language. Now we want to hear from you. Let us know in the comment below, what is your favorite Python programming book.

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