15 Infosys Interview Questions for Fresher (ECE student) with Answers

15 Infosys Interview Questions for Fresher (ECE student) with Answers

I am sharing my experience and Infosys interview questions for fresher. Before starting interview rounds, they collect your documents and sent them to the different interview panels.

There was a multiple interview panel. They asked every candidate for an interview one by one.

Infosys Interview Questions for Fresher

Here are some of the questions asked to me with some sort of answer as I remember…

  1. It started with the Introduction.
  2. Being an ECE student why into IT?
    Answer: Please prepare for this question. If you are searching for a job in software and you are from other than computer science and IT background, they may ask you the same question.
  3. What preparation have you done all these months after you graduated?
    Answer: More like they wanted to know what I prepared for comp0uter science perspective to get the job as I am from ECE background.
  4. The major project, after explaining half, he started asking questions on the same topics.
    Answer: No matter if your project is small/big, easy/difficult. Prepare your project nicely. They expect as you should know everything about the project. It ensures them as you did this project by yourself.
  5. Please tell us about whatever you know Object Oriented Concept (OOPs)?
    Answer: You can prepare some important questions asked on Object Oriented Concepts.
  6. What is the pointer in C?
  7. Write a program to print any statement using oops concepts.
    Answer: I am from a non-computer science background, that’s the reason may be he asked simple program. You can practice solving common interview coding questions.
  8. Do you know anything about DBMS?
    Answer: DBMS is a database management system. Also, describe how DBMS is different from the database.
  9. Do you know about SDLC?
    Answer: It is a software development life cycle. I told him about some of the phases of SDLC as I know like planning, designing, developing, testing deploying…
  10. What are the current trending technologies do you know?
    Answer: As I said few like IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning. He asked me to explain about Blockchain technology. Not required you should know any of the technology in detail. It is good even if you have some horizontal knowledge of these technologies.
  11. They will ask you a couple of questions related to the topic you mention in the previous question. Like, Why is Artificial intelligence important to us?
  12. He also asks me questions related to the IoT impacts and future. You didn’t need to understand IoT technology, but you should know the basics.

Some of the candidates were also asked questions on Python as they had mentioned in their resume.

HR-related Questions for Infosys

  1. Are you willing to work if we relocate you anywhere In India?
  2. Are you interested to work with us on any technology?
  3. Finally, he asked if I have any questions to ask him.

You can prepare some common questions asked in HR round.

Before leaving the interview panel room, they will check your ID card for verification.

After the interview…

Coordinators asked everyone to wait in a room after the interview. A few minutes later, one of the coordinators came and read the names of all the candidates. This is to ensure that our documents are verified and the interview process is done.

Listing names do not indicate your selection. It is just for their reference so that none of the candidates are missed with the interview.

After that, we left for the day.

Infosys Interview Result

As per the coordinator told us, Interview results will be declared within 10 working days. And they will send us an email if we qualify.

This is all about my experience and Infosys interview questions for fresher. Best wished for everyone appearing for Infosys placement drive!

Editor’s Note: This interview is shared by anonymous students and edited by CSEstack Editorial team. Thanks, Candidate for sharing your experience and interview questions. We wish you a very bright future.

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