7 Tips to Design CV Format for Freshers | Grab Interviewer Attention for Job

7 Tips to Design CV Format for Freshers | Grab Interviewer Attention for Job

7 Tips to Design CV Format for Freshers | Grab Interviewer Attention for Job

Everyone might have heard “The first impression is the last impression.”.  Your first impression on your interviewer comes from your resume contents and CV format.

There are some extremely important points to keep in mind while writing your CV.

Standard Resume Guidelines

Points need to consider while writing a CV.

1. Keep it simple.

Your CV format should be simple and should clearly state your potentials and skills in a single glance. Keep in mind that the interviewer may not read every single line. So keywords in your resume are important and that is what the interviewer looks for.

It is important to keep your CV format precise and not to clutter it with too many or unnecessary details.

2. Be honest.

Be completely honest while creating your CV. Do not brag, it’s not going to take you anywhere. In fact, it may increase the chances of your rejection. Make sure that you can answer any questions related to the points mentioned in your CV.

If you are not sure, please write the sentence as – “Basic knowledge of XYZ.” Yes, it is still fair rather than getting trapped by an interviewer.

Online CV Builder

Personally, I recommend you to use Online CV builder for creating your CV. Manually formatting the resume will be time-consuming and you may do mistakes. In online CV builder, you just have to submit the details and the app will automatically do the formatting for you. Give it a try now.

Tips for Writing CV

What is the CV format for freshers?

3. Fonts

Always go with standard fonts like Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, etc.

What is the best font size for writing a resume?

Use font 14 for Headings and 12 for Content.

Some dos and don’ts while choosing a font for your CV:

  • Do not use cursive fonts.
  • Never use bold, italics and underline together, though you may use it for headings depending upon the need and comfort of company and candidate.
  • Preferably, decorations, borders, cursive fonts or colors should not be used.

4. Document Formatting

Take care of the following CV formating.

  • Make sure that the document is justified.
  • Use proper tabs wherever needed.
  • The bullets in the entire document must be aligned.
  • The line spacing should be fixed, preferably 1.15.
  • Leave enough margins for your CV to be comfortably filed from both the left-hand side and right-hand side.

Content Formatting for Best Engineering CV

5. Header CV Format

On the top left, write the details in the following order :

Contact no.
Email id


Heena Rajpal
XYZ colony, Indore
+ 91-1234567890
[email protected]

This should be the HEADER of your document.

Keep the right section empty so that if you are asked to attach a photograph. Now you have space on your CV to do the same.

We’d suggest keeping the headings left-aligned. However, you may use center alignment or right alignment as per requirement.

6. SubHeading CV Format

What is the CV format for freshers?

Content for subheading defines your actual CV.

The preferred order of subheadings is as follows:

  1. Career Objective
    Keep it true and unique. I have seen many copies of this section. It is clearly identified on-campus drive when many of the peers copy same objectives. Do not copy it.
    Make sure it is in the benefit of the firm recruiting you as well.
    Before writing this section, just ask yourself some questions. Why do you want to join an IT firm? How will it be beneficial for IT firm?
  2. Educational Qualification
    It should be in reverse chronological order.
    The concept of writing it in a table is obsolete. Writing it in bullet points is preferred.
  3. Technical Qualifications
    Include the programming and scripting languages known as well as any other technical skills.
    DO NOT include Operating Systems or MS Office. Everyone is looking for a technical job and it is assumed to know how to operate windows and office. That is implicit and not supposed to be mentioned.
  4. Trainings/Internships
    It is always great to have some industrial training or internship experience before getting onboard for freshers job. I will not explain why it is important for freshers. We have already covered in a previous article. Do read 9 benefits of Internship.
  5. Project Details
    Mention list of the projects in reverse order, keeping the latest completed project or ongoing project on top. Do mention all the technology, tools or programming languages you have used in the project. This is what interviewer is more concern about.
  6. Co-curricular Activities/ Extra-curricular activities/ Achievements
    You can put them in separate sections if you have enough of them. Or else you can simply put them under co-curricular activities.
  7. Hobbies and Interests
  8. Personal Profile Date of birth : Father’s name : Father’s occupation : Mother’s name : Mother’s occupation : Languages known : Do not mention your name since it is already mentioned on the top.
    It is not mandatory to mention gender unless it is not clear from your name or name title.
    It is not required to mention nationality unless it is exceptional (i.e. something you are from India and seeking foreign job opportunity).
  9. References
    Write two references with their contact no. and email id.
    Try to have relevant references working on reputed posts.
    References can be anybody apart from your parents and siblings.

There is no need to add a declaration, date, place, signature, etc. at the end.

Ensure if CV Format Describes You the Best in Interview

7. Proofread

Proofread your CV as many times as you can. Be sure that there are no mistakes. Get it checked by someone if possible.

Read your resume loudly in your free time. It gives you vocal practice to describe yourself in the interview.

Some Important Tips for CV

  • If you are preparing for any placement, do read placement and interview experience shared by candidates. Sometimes it helps you to plot your resume as per the previous interview experience for the same job.
  • Always send your resume in pdf format. If you send your resume in word or doc format, anyone can edit it.

Final words:

You can definitely show your creativity. You can mold your CV format in the way that it is of the best use to showcase and yet, not flaunt your skills along with keeping the above points in your mind.

If you have any queries regarding your CV format. Feel free to write in the comment section.

All the best!


  1. I wouldn’t suggest adding photo or writing personal profile in the resume. For one, it takes up space unnecessarily and it leads to avoidable biases based on your personal background.

    Also I still prefer writing educational qualifications in tabular form. It keeps this section concise and to the point.

  2. I applied for arise global service on jobads site. I hope these tips will helpful for my resume preparation. Thank you.

  3. I am pursuing chemical engineering. So, how should I tackle the technical portion in CV and technical round.

    1. Hi Rutvik, frankly speaking, we are not the best to guide you regarding the technical portion of Chemical Engineering. But yeah, the CV standard and formating shared in this blog holds true irrespective of the Engineering branch.

  4. Hello, Heena

    Great job on sharing these informative tips for freshers since drafting a CV can be challenging. This will be your weapon for landing your target job, so you need to have a great resume. However, if you are open to suggestions, as for me, I think we can provide some resume examples as an overview and additional reference for readers. But still, a great write-up! Thanks so much for sharing your learning so clearly. Again, thank you for this!

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