9 Benefits of Internship I Learned before getting into Corporate

9 Benefits of Internship I Learned before getting into Corporate

It is always better to go for an internship. It can be a summer internship or internship as a part of accomplishing college project. In this post, I am sharing benefits of internship along with my own experience getting an internship in IBM ISL Lab.

Earlier I have shared my interview experience at IBM ISL Lab. It is an internship as well as full-time employment offer from IBM. I am so grateful to get this opportunity.

Benefits of Internship to Enhance Your Skill Set

Here is a list of 9 Benefits of Internship I have Experienced before getting into the Corporate.

  1. Gain Industrial Knowledge

    Reading books and getting the knowledge is good. But how to utilize your knowledge and getting things done over it matters a lot. Getting practical knowledge trumps getting book knowledge. So take an internship as an opportunity to showcase your practical knowledge.
    You can not get this industrial knowledge anywhere else.

  2. Learn and Get the Command over Technology

    Before joining an internship at IBM, I just had a walk through over python. That I had learned to accomplish the practical assignment in college. Now I have good command over python and feels comfortable to develop the things by own using python. That confidence in developing the project by own have huge worth.

  3. Programming is not just Coding

    It is a common myth, you are good at developing software as you are good at coding. Things can be done using lines of code, but the quality of the code makes a programmer expert.
    It is not just writing lines of code. The code should be modular, without replication (as less as possible) and well structured. So that code should be easily understood by any new developer.

  4. Exploring the area of Interest

    Some company allows exploring your own area of interest and project. So you can keep updated yourself with the area of interest as well as accomplishing an intern project in the same area. This is one kind of opportunity of finding a future in the field where your area of interest encloses.
    If you are not sure about your area of attention and have more concern about the future, you can read my article – 3 Types of Programmer needs in Future.

Securing Future as Benefits of Internship

  1. PPO (Pre-placement offer)

    If you shine well while doing an intern project, you can get the pre-placement offer in the same company. The main intention to join an internship is to get good experience and to convert it to full-time employment. And more than getting PPO in the same company where you are doing the internship, what else good can happen?

  2. Getting Interacted with People having the same Interest

    The most amazing things I like to work in corporate is, you come across many intelligent people who have the same area of interest. Getting knowledge from veteran geeks is far far better than reading thousands of books on quality programming.
    Keeps professional contacts and make good bonding. In the future, you can ask them for reference or you can ask the expert for mentoring your project.

  3. Resume| Add value to your Skillset

    Once you complete your internship, do update your resume with internship certification. It shows your practical knowledge as working on a company project as an intern. When you apply for any of the other company, the interviewer always prefers you over other candidates.
    Update your LinkedIn profile as well. Sometimes a company offers higher packages for the candidate having internship experience.

  4. Explore new Surrounding

    You should balance your livelihood with corporate lifestyle. If you are moving to another city for an internship you can meet many new friends and spends some quality time before coming into the corporate.

  5. Getting Paid

    Many companies (like Amazon, IBM, Flipkart, Google…) offers an internship with a good pay scale.

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If you are an engineering student, you can apply for an internship program in IITs.

So if you have an internship, you have extra benefits of internship over other candidates. One of the best benefits of internship is to gain practical knowledge, learn new things, get updated and enhancing skill set. The second factor is getting PPO in the same company or having the advantage while applying for other companies.


  1. It si interesting and thanks for writting insight over internship. I am selected for the Internship at Amazon and will join it from next month.

  2. Interested in a summer internship in the field of mathematics and statistics, studying in 3rd year of BSMS, IISER Bhopal

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