[Complete Guide] GATE Preparation and Self-Study Plan for GATE 2024

[Complete Guide] GATE Preparation and Self-Study Plan for GATE 2024

[Complete Guide] GATE Preparation and Self-Study Plan for GATE 2024

Are you preparing for GATE 2024? And you are not sure how to start with?

GATE has become very serious. Competition is on the top, like never before.

Are you in a dilemma? And is it hard for you to find the right path to start GATE preparation? Are you lacking the interest to study and to keep continuing?

It happens with most of the candidates preparing for GATE.

I interviewed many of the GATE toppers.

Everyone is a caliber to achieve a good rank. The only thing that GATE toppers do differently- they don’t lose their focus.

In this complete guide for GATE self-study, I am answering all the questions you have. Definitely, this is going to help you to give your best and to achieve the best rank.

At the end of this guide, you will find the exact strategy followed by the GATE Top Ranker (AIR 15).

To summarise it nicely and to make it simple for you, I have categorized all the questions into the following topics…

So let’s dive in without waiting further.

Are Coaching Classes Necessary for GATE Preparation?

It is good to join coaching classes. They may have the best faculty for each subject. They may be providing you with excellent material.

But, I condemn the word “necessary“. It is not necessary to join the classes.

I personally know some of the GATE toppers who studied themselves. And there are many students reading this article who want to prepare by doing self-study.

Not every student can attend classes for GATE preparation. And there can be many reasons. Some students are…

  • still perceiving their engineering
  • busy with their job and want to prepare a side of their working hours
  • Some can not move to the city where they can attend classes.
  • Not to discriminate, there are some students who are not financially strong to bear the coaching classes fee.

It is harsh but Truth. Coaching classes have become business for many.

In this cut-throat competition, GATE classes are over-hyped.

If you can not discipline yourself for self-study, you need to join coaching institutes. Check all the backgrounds to choose the best GATE coaching institute to join. The one that can give your best result.

Can I achieve a good GATE rank by self-studying?


Despite all struggles, there are students who are determined for GATE preparation and passionate about their future.

gate preparation

This post is all for those hard-working students. I am going to share the self-study plan that is going to help you while preparing for GATE; especially if you are not attending classes and decided to do self-study.

Here, I am addressing some of the questions that I really think will be helpful. There are some questions related to the Gate preparation, students ask me.

What is the syllabus for GATE 2024?

GATE 2024 will be conducted by IISc Bangalore. (Every year it is organized by one of the IITs).

And they release the syllabus every year. Note down GATE’s Latest syllabus. Take a printout of it or write it on your pad or just bookmark the page. You need this while preparing. It helps you…

  • to understand the topics you need for GATE preparation
  • to track your study progress (knowing how many portions are still left for preparation is very important 🙂

Almost all the topics, you might have studied in your academy. Mark all the easy topics with blue pens. Mark all the topics that seem difficult for you with red ink.

Now as you have started preparing, go with all the easy topics and start reading about them.

If you start preparing difficult subjects initially, you may feel overdosing and daunted. And it is not going well. To keep the initial momentum read or revise the easy topics that you feel comfortable.

What are the Good Materials and Resources for GATE?

Before starting preparation for GATE, you should have all the resources handy. So that you should not waste your time frantically hunting for the Books while GATE preparing.

If you are from Computer Science, I would suggest getting handwritten notes from reputed coaching classes such as ACE Academy, GATE forum, or Made Easy.

I attended classes at ACE Academy Hyderabad. They have outstanding faculty to guide you through each subject. In my personal opinion if you are doing self-study try to GATE the handwritten notes from ACE Academy Hyderabad. It is easily available at the nearby Xerox center or bookstalls. Another way, you can ask any of your friends attending classes there.

While going through this material or reading, you will come across many doubts. And it happens with everyone. So to clear your doubt, use standard reference books for GATE CSE.

Note: Time is too precious if you are preparing for GATE. So I would suggest, keeping all the books and materials ready so that you didn’t need to get fumble looking for handy material if you are stuck anywhere.

I have seen many students, just procrastinate.

Like: “I have doubts, but I don’t have any reference book. I will read about it once I get a book.”

This is simply procrastination. Eventually, they just forget. In the end, your doubts keep integrated.

If you are serious about GATE preparation, don’t be one of those students…

If you are a group of students preparing for GATE (make one group if you are staying in a hostel), each one can purchase different books and then share them among the group members.

What is a good time and schedule for GATE preparation?

For competitive exams like GATE, whether it is a month or year, you have limited time. And you need a schedule to utilize and make the best out of this limited period…

What’s the perfect time to study?

Frankly, there is nothing sneezing about it. Some students are night-owl and prefer to study and stay up late at night. Some are morning Larks who prefer to wake up in the morning and start preparing. This is all about, how you feel comfortable.

If you are attending academic classes or have a job timing in the day, you will be exhausted with your daytime activity and it’s difficult to concentrate at night. It’s better to study in the morning.

How many hours does one need to study and what’s the perfect schedule?

To get this, first of all, list out all the subjects and topics from the syllabus. Write down the time required for each topic (approx) based on your wit and command on that particular topic.

Then find out how many days you have left for the exam. Keep the last month in your spare. Based on this you can rectify how many hours you should invest each day.

If you are busy on weekdays with your academic or job or any priority work, drag yourself and make full use of holidays.

The more you practice, the better is for you.

Last month, just revise all the subjects you prepared. Don’t read anything new before one week and don’t get panic about any new topic.

Make your own schedule and follow it strictly. I mean Very STRICTLY.

How to keep momentum and motivation for GATE preparation?

I have seen students study extremely hard but lose momentum as they come closer to the exam day. It is easy to keep momentum rather than get on track after losing it.

So here are some tips you can utilize to concentrate and maintain momentum while preparing for GATE…

Question yourself…

What is your sole purpose for Attending GATE? 

I still remember. I had got an interview call for MS in IIT Madras. Unfortunately, at that time, I could not make it happen. But looking at the ambiance they have on their campus, I had a DREAM of getting enrolled in one of such beautiful campuses.

Likewise, you may have your own purpose for getting into IIT or NIT. Some may want to notch one of the top companies like Microsoft, Google…

Even if you are planning for higher education in a foreign university, you can use your GATE score to take admission. Many don’t know this.

Keep this DREAM in your mind and let it trigger every time you prepare…

It keeps you MOTIVATED.

Team Up and Connect with Like-Minded People:

If you are staying at a hostel or if you have like-minded students preparing for GATE, make a group. You will clear more doubts by discussing among yourself than actually reading books.

Don’t think of other group members as your competitor. Help and share knowledge with each other, you have the rest of the world to compete.

Mind it…

It is easier to Learn and to Grow together than walking alone.

You may be alone and doing self-study. You can connect with like-minded students preparing for GATE online. We have a community where anyone can ask a question and discuss doubt with other students.

The more you discuss, the more knowledge you acquire.

For every question, there can be multiple ways to solve it. Get habitat to ask other aspirants, there is nothing like a shame. Everyone has their own solution to your question. And you will learn from them.

It’s a WIN-WIN!

Why Should You Meditate to Keep Mental Stability?

I personally believe in meditation. But, it is better if you heard from a GATE topper a real experience.  I interviewed Sushant GATE AIR 179. Here is what he says about meditation…

Apart from how to prepare for GATE, something very important part of preparation strategy is trying to maintain mental stability. Practice meditation. Learn it and do it daily. That will help a lot in exams. ( I have seen extremely talented people who use to secure single digit rank in every and any type of test series and those who I didn’t expect to be securing good ranks secured very good ranks. This is because they got nervous in the exam due to the level of questions or any other reason. Even I got nervous else I was pretty sure of getting in top 100 had I practiced meditation.)

Getting your Perfect Place to Study:

Find the perfect place where you will not get distracted. Whether it can be your private room or any place where no one will disturb you.

You can even join the library (if you have a nearby to your locality or inside your college campus). You will be access to many available books for clearing any doubt.

Why is it the Right Choice to Apply for GATE Test Series?

Always know where you stand among your competitors:

It is always good to know where you stand among all other GATE aspirants. Apply for the online test series.

How can it help you?

  • They have scheduled exams for each topic.
  • Give an exam on their online scheduled date for each topic.
  • Prepare well each topic before giving the online mock exam.
  • As this is an online test series, many of the students apply for it. At the end of the exam, you can check out your rank among all the students who appeared for the mock test.

How to choose the best Test Series for you? 

Here are some points…

  • Test series should have scheduled tests for each topic and a full course paper.
  • Ensure the test series mock test should have the same GUI as for an actual GATE exam.
  • It should display your rank and performance against all your competitors appearing for GATE.

I am sure most of the time you can not know these details before applying for the test series. In this case, you can take help from the other GATE aspirants who have applied for the test series. You can simply post your request to our GATE community and surely someone will help you.

What is the Best Way for Solving and Practising Competitive Questions while GATE Preparation?

GATE is not about how many books you read. It is about learning concepts and fundamentals.

Here is a quick routine you should follow for each subject.

  • Make a note of all the topics from all the subjects.
  • Starts with the chapter which you find easier.
  • Read about that topic in detail from GATE notes.
  • Make a separate notebook. Write down some key points and important formulas.
  • If you didn’t understand any point, try to get it clear from a reference book or discuss it with other GATE aspirants or you simply you can ask in our GATE community.
  • Solve as many questions as you can on the same topic.
  • If you have enrolled for online test series, give the test topic-wise.
  • After that, solve the previous year’s GATE questions for the same topic. There are so many books available to solve previous year’s questions. The GATE previous year’s questions book (2000-2017) with chapter-wise questions and answers is the best among all the other books as it is published under Arihant publication.
  • Mark down all the tricky questions so that you can overlook them anytime while doing a revision.
  • Repeat the procedure for each topic and subject.

Make your schedule to revise old chapters you read (maybe once in two weeks). Refer to points that you have noted while preparing for each chapter. It makes your revision easier and quick.

Once you have done with core subjects. Just give a glimpse of solving Aptitude questions. It includes the numerical and verbal sections (check the syllabus for topics).

There are two standard books available…

The book by Arun Sharm is quite elongated. As per the time permits for GATE preparation, I will prefer RS Aggarwal.

Also, read 13 Best Aptitude Test Preparation Tips to improve your problem-solving skill.

How do GATE toppers prepare for GATE?

I have interviewed some of the GATE toppers. I asked the same questions that usual GATE aspirants ask me.

Like… their study plan, timing, and how they help them-self to achieve their DREAM…

Here are some interviews I would recommend you to go through.

  1. Himari | GATE AIR 15 CSE

If you think the syllabus is very vast and the exam is extremely difficult; let me tell you, Himari is from an electronics and telecommunication background and he has secured AIR 15 by studying computer science subjects. Amazing, right?

Amazing, right?

  1. Sudheer Chandra | GATE AIR 60 CSE

Even Sudheer Chandra is from another branch of engineering. It is very difficult to describe to you; how they have prepared. You can find it by reading their own interview.

  1. Shiva| GATE AIR 77 CSE

Shiva loves programming and data structure. He has a dream of working for Google. Read his interview to know how he has motivated himself towards achieving his DREAM.

  1. Sushant| GATE AIR 179 CSE

If you are doing a job and preparing for GATE, Sushant is the right person to guide you. He has shared his views about “Whether to re-attempt GATE or to continue with the job? “.

  1. Hussain Jagirdar| GATE AIR 202 CSE

He didn’t have any plans for higher education. He started preparing for GATE after seeing his friends preparing for it in college. If you are studying in college and want to prepare for GATE seriously, read his interview to know how he has managed time from the college schedule. After the GATE result, all his friends are astonished by his AIR 202.

I am sure, you can not find any better place to motivate yourself after knowing the GATE topper’s strategy and motivation behind their BIG SUCCESS.

  1. Pooja Palod | GATE AIR 51 CSE

Moreover, Pooja Palod, AIR 51, shares her inside preparation strategy: How do I crack GATE in 2 months?

How do I crack GATE in 2 months

source: Quora

I have tried answering most of the genuine and common questions asked by GATE aspirants. Even, you can find the answers to your questions from the interview experience shared by GATE toppers.

Many have their own set of questions regarding GATE preparation. If you are serious about the GATE, please write in the comment. I will reply to every question.

And this quote from Henry Ford I always find TRUE…

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, YOU’RE RIGHT.

The motive of this article is to help students prepare for GATE. If you find it useful and inspiring, do share this post with your friends.

All the Best!


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