DTU MTech Placement (Highest, Avg and Min Package)

DTU MTech Placement (Highest, Avg and Min Package)

As per the DTU placement record, here are the DTU placement statistics for the MTech CSE 2022-23 batch.

How is the DTU MTech placement for CSE branch?

All 19 students got 10+ LPA packages from the companies. This means DTU has 100% placements as every student has an offer in hand from different companies.

Moreover, 6 out of 19 students have two or more offers in hand.

List of companies visiting DTU for placement

MTech CSE / ISY / SWE were eligible for 125 companies offering 10+ LPA.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple visit DTU for hiring and placement. PSUs like BEL, GAIL, C-DOT, and CONCOR visit here too.

What is the minimum package offered in DTU for MTech CSE?

The minimum package is 12.5 LPA.

What is the DTU’s highest package for MTech CSE?

The highest package is 43 LPA.

What is the DTU average package for MTech CSE?

The average package in DTU is 20 LPA.

DTU is one of the prestigious colleges if you are looking for admission through the GATE for MTech. Consider it as one of the worthy opportunities through GATE.

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