Recommended GATE Books for CSE | Get Excel in Computer Science

Recommended GATE Books for CSE | Get Excel in Computer Science

Recommended GATE Books for CSE | Get Excel in Computer Science

I get lots of request from CS students for asking recommended books for CSE. And it is never-ending doubt. Many frantically end up without any concrete books. So in this post, I am sharing recommend books for those who want to get excel in Computer Science. These are also recommended for placement guide as well as GATE Books for CSE.

The only difference I see in CS expert and other those give up, awareness of resources and their surrounding. If you want to get excel in computer science, surround yourself with the expert community in the same field. Do join CSEStack expert group on FB. Ask your doubt, get it resolved and don’t quit…

Many of us are preparing for placement or CS competitive examination like GATE. If you are preparing for GATE, there is always confusion how to prepare for GATE exam and what are the resources have to use to get good rank in GATE exam.

You have very limited time. Don’t be late for preparation. Don’t waste your time for the sake of hunting books and doing nothing. Refer books recommended by the expert in this post.

Computer Science Books Topic Wise:

Note: All these books are recommended by the expert in CS.

If you are preparing for GATE and thinking, Why there is the need to have set of GATE books for CSE?

Every year GATE exam is conducted by different IIT. Who sets the CSE GATE question papers? No doubt, professors from IIT. To set the question papers, they refer standard books that are well known and the books that are comfortable for them. All the questions are more likely to be taken/referred from these books. The notations from GATE books for CSE that they refer, are considered as standard and uses in the GATE exam.

So to clear all doubts and get good rank in GATE, you must use standard books recommended by the expert.

GATE Books for CSE


Recommended Books to get Excell in CS / GATE books for CSE Subject wise:

1. Algorithms and Data Structure:

Introduction to Algorithms by Rivest, Cormen, Stein, Leiserson, generally. It is also well known as CLRS book. You will find everything in this book about Algorithm. As the algorithm is the core of the Computer Science Engineering, it would not be strange if call it as the bible for a CS engineer. Count it is in most recommended GATE books for CSE.

This book is recommended by the Quora CEO, Adam D’Angelo.

Data structure and algorithm CLRS

Book Recommended by Expert: Data Structure by CLRS

2. Operating System:

“Operating System Principles” by Galvin. It’s simple language and structure makes it easier to understand Operating System easily. Recommending you to Read semaphores well from this book.

If you want more GATE books for CSE, you can get OS book by Tanenbaum and OS book by Stallings. These are also the good books. These books area good for certain topics.

You can read other two books, but the first book is highly recommended.

Book Recommended by Expert: Operating System by Galvin

3. Theory of Computation:

“Theory of Computation” by Ullman is the best among all other GATE books for CSE, to learn theory of computation. While reading this book you may come across many weird symbols involved, but no need to worry. If you read it with good concentration, you can catch up every point mentioned in the book.

There is one more book named “Introduction to the Theory of Computation” by Michael Sipser. This book is helpful for interviews preparation for MS/MTech admission.

Book Recommended by Expert: Theory of Computation by Ullman

4. Computer Networks:

“Computer Networks” by Tanenbaum is the first recommended GATE books for CSE preparation. There are lots of questions in this book that has been directly asked in previous GATE exam.

“Computer Networking: A top-down approach” by Kurose-Ross. It is another preferred choice.

There are also some other books for Computer Networks, authored by William Stallings and Behrouz Forouzan. It is useful for certain topics. Forouzan is written in the very easy language.

Go for Tanenbaum, read it wisely. Keep other books aside. If you get time then you can go for other GATE books for CSE.

Book Recommended by Expert: Computer Networks by Tanenbaum

5. Computer Organisation:

“Computer Organisation” by Carl Hamacher is the first recommended book in GATE books for CSE preparation. The syllabus for GATE is widely covered in this book.

Book Recommended by Expert: Computer Organisation by Carl Hamacher

6. Programming :

In CSE GATE, most of the question on programming will be output oriented. To solve this. You have to be good in basic programming concept for C language. For C language, I recommend you to go for “Let Us C” by Yashwant Kanetkar book.

Book Recommended by Expert: Let Us C by Yeshwant Kanetkar

7. Graph Theory:

“Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science” by Narsingh Deo is the recommended book in GATE books for CSE.

Book Recommended by Expert: Graph Theory by Narsingh Deo

8. Database Systems:

“Database System Concepts” by Korth is the recommended book you should have in your set of GATE books for CSE preparation.

Book Recommended by Expert: Database System Concepts by Korth

9. Digital Logic:

“Digital Logic and Design” by Morris Mano is the recommended book you should have in your set of GATE books for CSE preparation.

Book Recommended by Expert: Digital Logic and Design by Morris Mano

10. Software Engineering:

“Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach” by Pressman is the recommended book for CS GATE preparation. My personal advice, don’t read the complete book. Hardly 2-3 questions will come from this book, if you read this book completely it will take lots of time. There are very Few important concepts you must have to focus on like Cyclomatic Complexity, Coupling and Cohesion, etc. All the question will come from these topics only.

Book Recommended by Expert: Software Engineering by Pressman

11. Web Technologies:

It is very much easy. You just have to understand basic idea about HTML, XML, etc. I don’t recommend you any GATE books for CSE on Web Technology to read. You can easily find out all the basic concept of the internet.


Final Word:

There are lots of material from GATE coaching academy available within the market, but nothing can beat thoroughly written books by expert authors.

My personal opinion, it is good if you have coaching material, but don’t rely on at. As there are a lot of discrepancies among coaching classes both in the questions and in the answers.

So go for the standard GATE books for CSE. These are recommended by the expert.

Note: First book that we have mentioned in every topic is highly recommended. If time permits you, go for other GATE books for CSE.

I will update this post, whenever I will find any other recommended GATE books for CSE. So bookmark it and read it, once before going to purchase any book.

If you have any doubt, please feel free to comment bellow. I will try my best to reply you as soon as possible.

All the Best!


  1. Awesome article and considered book for all computer science subjects.
    I have purchased computer network and database book.

    Good Work!

  2. Thanks for this post, Many GATE Books are here in the market. Thanks for mentioning best book for exam preparation.

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