IISc Bangalore Interview Questions for SERC (Research) through GATE

IISc Bangalore Interview Questions for SERC (Research) through GATE

Hi Friends,

This was my first interview experience which helped me to find the way ahead. I will add more to this list.

This is the experience of mine at IISc Bangalore for SERC (Supercomputer Education and Research Centre). I got a call from IISc Bangalore for SERC. They shortlisted the candidates based on the GATE rank.

You can also check the possibility of the call for your GATE score. Refer Ranking-wise College Preference through GATE Colleges Cutoff.

I am writing all the IISc Bangalore interview questions as I remember.

IISc Bangalore Written Test for SERC

Firstly, there was a written test. They were having two batches per day with around 50 people each. They shortlisted around 12 from my batch for the second round of interview.

The written test consists of total 8 questions. We were asked to solve exactly 5 out of those.

And they told that if someone solves more than 5 they will consider the questions with least marks.

Questions were basically from programming logic (Two for loop condition and filling questions were there).

  1. They asked to fill blanks in the code for retrieving the lower triangular matrix stored in the single dimensional array.
  2. Some nested loop code with blanks in for loop.
  3. A question to prove to that spanning tree of n node graph has exactly n-1 component.
  4. Few questions from eigenvalues, matrices with definitions for the same.

For coding practice, try to solve common coding questions.

IISc Bangalore Interview Questions for SERC

They asked for two subjects I would like to be interviewed and also particular topics in that. I answered “Operating System and DBMS”.

  1. What is system calls?
  2. What are the different types of database keys?
  3. Where they reside in architecture? What are the needs of those?
  4. Process state diagram.
  5. When process switching happens, how actually it does take place? Thus they take directly pass the control.
  6. What are normal forms?
  7. What is normalization?
  8. They asked a few questions related to my projects.
  9. What is paging?
  10. What are the contents of the page table?
  11. In virtual memory what is limit on program size if there is a single program in the system?
  12. What are inverted page tables? Tell me about the advantages of inverted pages tables?
  13. Few questions on combinatorics.
  14. Some questions were related to the deadlock in the operating system.

If you are choosing DBMS and Operating as your subject for an interview, apart from the above questions, check these important topics.

Pro Tips to get the admission in IISc Bangalore in SERC:

Make sure to highlight that you are much more interested in research. And if possible show your interest in an academic career as well.

Hope IISc Bangalore interview questions and written test will help you. If you need any help or if you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comment below.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Purohit

Editors’ Note: These interview questions and written test experience are shared by Rahul Purohit. We wish him all the best.


  1. I got a call from IISc Bangalore. Thanks for sharing these all questions. I’m finding answers to all these questions.

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