7 Advices to Choose Best Coaching Center for GATE in Your City

7 Advices to Choose Best Coaching Center for GATE in Your City

Are you looking for GATE coaching institute?


Everyone gets confused.

This is one of the most discussed topics when someone starts preparing for the GATE exam.

Joining coaching is not mandatory. I have seen many of the toppers got a good GATE rank without joining any coaching classes. They are the best at doing their hard work and self-study. And it is not easy for everyone to replicate.

There are many perks / Advantages of joining GATE coaching classes and you might need apart from your self-study.

So let’s begin.

At the end of this post, you will also find advice to choose the best coaching center for the GATE exam.

Advantages of Joining GATE Coaching Institute

  • We learn numerous topics in our engineering. Coaching gives you a direction to decide what to study or area of focus to get a GOOD rank in GATE.
  • You will get a good network to discuss your problem and clear your doubts.
  • Getting guidance from experts for each topic.
  • Coaching classes are strict with their schedule. So, you will not lag behind while chasing the GATE exam. The momentum you get is a key factor.
  • You can analyze yourself with other competitors. We know, GATE is a competitive exam. It is not just how you score, it is also about how others score.
  • Usually, the faculty can have long years of GATE experience. So they are the best to guide you with all do and don’t.

So now the question is,

How to Choose the Best Coaching Center for GATE?

The following are the most important factors you should consider while choosing the best institute for your GATE preparation.

1. Offline Vs Online

My gut feeling is that if you can afford it, prefer going for offline coaching classes rather than online coaching.

Remember, there is everything available on the internet, whether you are looking for a GATE preparation strategy or need a solution for any subject questions. Going for offline coaching classes will help you get all the perks I have mentioned above.

If you are a procrastinator and want to take coaching seriously, join offline coaching classes. If you consider yourself self-disciplinary (I mean seriously), you can opt for online coaching.

2. Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for GATE coaching are skyrocketing. Not everyone is financially strong enough to bear these fees. So it is a crucial decision to find the best institute where you get the best result for what you pay.

3. Look at the Faculties

Nowadays, coaching classes have become more like a money-making business. Almost all the reputed GATE coaching classes have multiple branches throughout various places in India. Not every branch has a good faculty.

So, before joining any coaching classes, ask someone about his/her feedback about the institute and faculty teaching subjects.

4. Resource and Material

The resources and materials you get will be your long-term companion. Check out all the resources and materials you get while joining the institute. Also, check it out do they have a reading library for studying and reading reference books?

5. Traveling and Relocation

You should not waste your time traveling to attend the coaching classes. It is not easy to concentrate if you get tired of up-and-down every day.

Many of the students need to relocate for coaching. Connect with someone who is already pursuing coaching there. You can seek help through social media. Join the GATE preparation group where you can seek help.

If you are joining classes away from your hometown, you will find little trouble adjusting with food and stay. Knowing someone from the same area can make your job easy.

Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkatta, etc… are some of the best cities in India you can opt for GATE coaching.

6. Online Test Series

Check if the coaching institute you are joining provides any Mock Test series for practicing. Do they provide guidance for any subject you find difficult in the mock test? Do they discuss previous GATE exam questions?

At the end of the class, it’s about you, how you rate yourself and compete with others.

Last and most important.

7. Demo Classes

If the coaching institute provides demo classes before paying them, you are good to go. Attend the demo classes for different coaching institutes centers. So it will give you a good picture to compare and differentiate different coaching classes.

Attending demo classes will give you answers to most of the questions we have discussed above. Even after demo classes, if you still not clear, ask them frankly.

Top GATE Coaching Institutes in India

The following are some of the GATE institutes you can consider.

  • ACE Engineering Academy
  • GATE Forum
  • Vani Institute
  • The GATE Academy
  • Made Easy
  • Brainstorm Achiever

Institutes are not sorted by any means.

There can be some local GATE institutes as well, in different states/cities having good teaching faculty and doing a great job.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the institutes. This list is just for your reference.

Final Word:

For further, you can check the advice from the GATE topper interviews.

Consider all the factors we have discussed above. Don’t join any coaching classes blindly. Going with the right choice is your first step.  Opening the door to getting into your dream college is all your hard work and dedication. Make your GATE study plan.

The only thing you can do for getting the top rank in GATE- Giving your best shot.

If you have any personal experience joining any GATE Institute, feel free to share in the comment section. I am sure it will help other GATE aspirants to choose the best coaching center for GATE.



  1. I’m preparing for GATE 2021. I search on Google and came here. I’m confused and was not able to choose the coaching institute. Thanks for listing your view. It gives me some ideas.

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