[Cutoff] GATE Rank Wise College List | GATE Rank vs College

[Cutoff] GATE Rank Wise College List | GATE Rank vs College

[Cutoff] GATE Rank Wise College List | GATE Rank vs College

Looking for college admission through GATE?

Which college is best to join based on your GATE rank?

In this post, I am listing Ranking-wise College Preference through GATE and GATE college cut-offs.

Also analyzing the previous year’s cutoff of the top colleges like IIT, NIT, and IIIT. So it can be easy for you to choose the best college.

Recently the GATE result was out. And many students are frantically looking for colleges to get admission for their master’s.

It is obvious that everyone expects the best college as per their GATE score.

After the GATE result, again it’s a mixed feeling. Some students are really happy, and others are not. For some students, the preparation strategy they followed simply worked out, and for some, it did not.

Not Happy with your GATE Score?

Let me tell you one thing. I learned this while preparing for GATE and interacting with many of my friends who secured the top GATE rank.

Preparation wise, there is not much difference in AIR 2000 and AIR 500. It’s all about your execution in 3hrs.

Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t get well in those 3 hours.

It does not mean, you don’t have a caliber.

If you want to outperform other competitors, here is my message to you.

Failed to make your presence in GATE? Please don’t get disappointed. A result is fair but not always. We are human, and we do mistakes. The competition is HUGE, and even a small mistake makes a big difference. So my gentle request to all, don’t lose your hopes. Check out the strategies shared by GATE toppers in their interview.  Get motivated. Find out how they have studied and what material they have used. Make a note of it and start preparing. Just remember, you just need one push-up. Your time is yet to come.

Put the best version of yourself. Be positive and hope for the best!

You should thank all the toppers for leaving the game. Now, you have much more experience that sounds better than newbies.

Important Link you should read: Self Study Plan for GATE Preparation

To all students happy with their GATE score 

Congrats to all students who got GATE score as per their expectation.

Now, this is for those looking for college preferences for MTech/MS master’s admission.

GATE Rank Wise College List

There are so many IITs, and the counter is still on increase. Region-wise there are also National Institutes (NITs). Just within a few years, IIT colleges are making a boom.

Earlier all of the IITs are considered the topmost colleges in India. It’s taboo, and things are changing now. Some NIT and IIIT colleges outrank lower IIT colleges by their education quality, infrastructure facility, and placement offers.

Recently Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar (India) announced the top engineering colleges in India. According to the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), the top engineering colleges are below.

Top IIT and NIT engineering Ranking-wise College Preference through GATE Inida by NIRF.

It’s not surprising if it impacts Ranking-wise College Preference through GATE.

Kindly use the data below for college preference which is distributed over the GATE rank and GATE college cut-off. This will also give you an idea of gate opening and closing rank for IIT, NIT, IIIT and all other colleges.

AIR stands for “All India Rank”.

GATE AIR (1-40)

You don’t have to think much. You can expect direct admission into IISC and IIT Bombay without any interview.

GATE AIR (40-100)

You may get a call from IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur. They will shortlist the candidate for a technical interview.

Direct admission: You can get a direct admission call from IIT Chennai, IIT Kharagpur.

GATE AIR (100-400)

IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur can ask you for technical interviews.

Direct admission: The following is the list of IIT colleges that can offer you direct admission based on your GATE rank.

  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Gauhati

In the list of Top Engineering colleges ranked by NIRF, IIT Madras bags the First spot.

Top Colleges for students having GATE rank above 400

GATE AIR (400-700)

IIT Bombay offers a 3-year degree apart from its regular MTech. It’s the best time to try your luck if it’s your dream to get into IIT Bombay. Admission for this course is mostly based on a technical interview.

With this rank, you can expect a call from IIT Kanpur for an interview.

Direct admission for…

  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Gauhati

In this rank, you can opt for the top NIT colleges as well. You can expect direct admission to NIT Trichy, NIT Warangal. Apart from IIT and NIT, ISI Kolkata is one of the top-listed colleges you can prefer.

According to top engineering colleges ranked by NIRF ranking, NIT Trichy tops above all other NIT colleges in India.

Note: Admission to all the NIT colleges is centralized.

GATE AIR (700-1200)

Here, the door will open for considering admission to NIT colleges.

You can choose the colleges as your preference (from top to bottom).

  • NIT Surathkal
  • NIT Calicut
  • MNIT Allahabad

GATE AIR (1200-1900)

There are lower NIT colleges you can prefer with this rank.

  • NIT Rourkela
  • NIT Nagpur
  • NSIT Delhi

If you got the rank between 1400 to 1800, here is my advice to you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

GATE AIR (1900-3000)

After NITs, there are many emerging IIIT colleges. You can pick IIIT Bangalore or IIIT Delhi over other lower-ranked NIT colleges.


  • IIIT Bangalore, IIIT Delhi
  • NIT Jaipur
  • NIT Surat
  • JNV Delhi

If you want to work with BARC, you can apply for it. With this rank, you can expect the call for BARC. You can read details about the BARC syllabus and its exam.

Note: If you are being admitted to any of the IIIT colleges, check out their fee structure. These colleges have higher fees than IIT and NIT colleges.

College Cutoff for GATE AIR 3000 and above

For the rank above 3000, it is difficult to get into any of the NIT colleges. If you want to pursue your master’s, you can opt for the below colleges.

  • All Central universities(UOH, Jadhavpur, etc)
  • COE Pune
  • VJIT Mumbai

You can also consider local regional colleges. Just ensure, that it has good placement and infrastructure facilities.

College if you have a Low GATE Score?

What if you are not able to get a good GATE rank and still want to receive a master’s from a top College?

Let’s take this as another chance for you to get into masters from top colleges.

Apart from GATE-eligible Universities, you can try the following colleges.

  • IIIT Hyderabad
  • BITS
  • ISI Kolkata

They conduct their admission test.

These universities have great potential and can be compared to some of the top IITs and NITs.

Pro Tips for NIT Aspirants

NIT college admission procedure is centralized. The cutoff mentioned in this article is based on the first round.

If you don’t get admission in the first rounds, don’t lose hope. I have seen many getting admission to top NIT colleges with lower ranks through the final round. It’s kinda risky but you can give it a thought.

Some IIT colleges offer three years of MS courses, and the number of seats varies every year. IIT Madras calls students for MS programs in two seasons. Read IIT Madras MS interview experience by a candidate.

I know one of my friends who was admitted to NIT Trichy and then he applied for IIT Madras MS in the winter season. He got selected and joined IIT Madras by leaving NIT midway.

You have to apply online for each college, and they have a strict deadline. Don’t get frantic by getting late. Find an appropriate college based on your GATE rank and apply as early as possible.

Need Counseling or Help for Your Admission?

We have a community for GATE preparation where we discuss GATE preparation strategy and M.Tech. admission through the GATE.

We also have top GATE rankers mentoring students for GATE preparation and admission counseling.

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This data is analyzed based on the open category. If you belong to any other minor categories, cutoff goes down.

This is Ranking-wise College Preference through GATE. The data is analyzed on the basis of GATE college cutoff. And it is not necessary it will hold true in all cases. Consider it is for your reference.

This is all about the GATE Rank Wise College List. If you have any questions or want to have a discussion to choose the best college for your admission, kindly comment below.

Also, share with your friends looking for College admission through GATE.

Best Wishes!


  1. Thanks for summarizing and for your motivation.

    I did not do well this year as I was preparing for GATE along with my job.

    Surely I will follow all your strategy for GATE 2020.

    Thanks again.

  2. Currently I am doing my master from local college.

    Based on the cut-off you mentioned, I think I can get NIT college. Should I join it leaving my current ME?

  3. I am very disappointing with my GATE score this year.

    I want to prepare for GATE 2020. Can you please help me?

    1. Hi Vaibhav,

      Frankly, it’s difficult to get admission in a good college based on this rank and PSUs. You can try some good regional universities for admission. If there is any PSUs, conducting their own exam based on the GATE qualified score, you can apply for it.

    1. Hi Rahmaan. If you are from the open category, it very difficult for you to get into any of the top institutes like IITs, NITs and IIITs. Some of the IIITs conduct their own entrance exam. You can concentrate on them.

  4. Hi,
    I, who is a non-cs background student scored 4226 rank in 2 months of preparation in gate 2020.
    I want to ask if I score a good rank next time, will they(IIT, NIT) call me for an interview without seeing my non-cs degree.

  5. My 2019, Gate rank is 15700, EC paper. Can I get MTech admission in the Embedded systems stream in JNTU Hyderabad as I’m a non-local candidate?

  6. I did my BTech in ECE. If I get a good rank in the GATE CSE category, will it be sufficient to study MTech or do I need to possess something else?

  7. Is this the case for chemical engineering as well? (The rankwise split of colleges). Also if I attempt GATE multiple times which score would be considered?

    1. The range of GATE scores mentioned in this article is related to the Computer Science Engineering branch. The range of GATE scores varies for the Chemical Engineering branch, but the sequence of the college preference is almost the same as long as the college has a Chemical Engineering branch.

  8. 1.Hello Mr. Aniruddha, I have got AIR 543 682 Gate Score & 62 Marks. Which IITS(from top 7) are possible according to 2022 stats?
    2.Suppose IIT me AI milta hei aur NIT me CS toh kya choose karne ka?

  9. Hi, I got a 10440 rank and 352 score in GATE CS/IT 2023
    Which college can I get into?

    And Should I go for MTech in lower tier colleges? I have decent knowledge in web development in MERN and have an upcoming offer for an intern at Deloitte.

    1. You’r rank is so high. I would not recommend to go for GATE with this rank, especially if you are having offer from Deloitte.

      Meanwhile you can accept the offer and prepare GATE along.

  10. I got rank of 1236 in microbiology.
    I belong to OBC.
    Is there any chance to get a seat in good college?

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