MS in IIT Madras | MS by Research Interview Questions

MS in IIT Madras | MS by Research Interview Questions

I am sharing my MS in IIT Madras interview experience. There is a written test and followed by the interview, conducted for Jan Admission of IIT Madras.

Online Test for MS in IIT Madras

Initially, we had written test of about 2.30 hrs which covered almost all the courses that are asked in Gate CSE.
In the written test paper, there are total of 35 questions. Out of this 5 are from Aptitude and 30 questions are from gate Syllabus.

Aptitude questions carry 1 mark each and 30 questions from gate syllabus carry 2 marks each.

There was negative marking also for every question and all questions are multiple choice questions.

This time Pattern for the MS written test was different. There is only one paper consisting of both Aptitude and Technical questions. They categorized each question in their respective sections. There are approximately three questions from each subject.

There was enough time to do the question but the level of questions asked was tougher than the GATE question paper.

IITM is one of the renown IIT colleges for MS. You can check out college profile of IITM.

Topic You Should Prepare for MS in IIT Madras:

Algorithm and Data Structures:

Theory of Computation:

  • Questions are from different closure property of different types of grammar.
  • The question to check the type of Grammar

Computer Networks:

  • Calculate Delay and Bandwidth
  • Transmission time-based question


  • They have asked questions related to the parser CLR, SLR, LALR.

Operating System:

  • Question asked from CPU Scheduling (based on waiting time of SRTFs)
  • One question on page faults (LRU policy)

Programming based questions:

Computer Architecture:

  • How many minimum numbers of CPU Cycles required by assembly code? (Assembly code had given).
  • There are some questions on floating point representation.

Digital Logic:

  • There are some questions based on the karnaugh map (k-map)
  • Minimize the expression using k-map.
  • One question to find the next state (diagram has given connecting different flip-flops).

MS IITM Interview Questions

It was a panel Interview having 9-10 faculties. But only 3 or 4 active depending on your Area of Interest

  • First, they have asked: “Tell me About Yourself.”
  • Then they asked me to choose your area of interest.
    I said my area of interest “Algorithms and Data Structure”.
  • They have asked me “What is Heap?”. What is Max and Min heap?
    Solution: Heap Data Structure | Min and Max Heap
  • Some question on addition and deletion of nodes.
  • How does heap sort work?
  • Some complexity based question related to Heapsort.
  • Give an Algorithm to combine two max heaps.
  • Then asked me to optimize the algorithm or asked to give any other algorithm.
  • Then they asked me “What will be the complexity of your Algorithm?”.

Note: If the interviewer asks you to choose a subject, choose it carefully. All the questions will be from the same subject. I chose Data Structure as I feel comfortable. If you are also interested in Data Structure and Algorithm, I strongly recommend you, refer Data Structure by CLRS.

If your area of interest is in other subjects, you can find out expert recommended book for your subject.

That’s what I am remembering now. Hope these MS interview questions will be helpful if you are preparing for MS in IIT Madras. If you have any query, feel free to comment.

All the Best, Guys!

Editors’ Note: This experience and interview questions are shared by Anup Chaudhari. Thank you, Anup for sharing MS Interview Questions and your experience for MS in IIT Madras. We wish you all the best for your future.


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