Amazon Internship Questions | Online Debugging and Coding Test

Amazon Internship Questions | Online Debugging and Coding Test

Hello, Guys! I am currently pursuing my master’s from the Rochester Institute of Technology in computer science. Today I am sharing Amazon internship questions and my experience for the Software Development Intern position with you guys. I hope it will be of some help in realizing your career aspirations.

You can get a lot of benefits from an internship for your career growth.

Note: Amazon has a different interview process for different positions and different geographic locations. So it is highly possible that you may encounter some different amazon internship questions and processes while interviewing with Amazon. You can take it as a reference.

I have applied for the given position online from the amazon website. After a few weeks, I got a call from them saying my resume was shortlisted and they want further details and my availability for further process.

There are many who applies for the internship. They shortlist the candidates based on the resume. So to stand out in the crowd, read this CV Format 7 Tips to Grab Interviewer Attention for Job. And mold your CV before approaching your dream company.

Amazon Internship Questions for Debugging Test

In the first stage, they gave me one online debugging test, where 7 different codes with a detailed explanation of what they are supposed to do. But, they were having some bugs in them.

There can be compile-time or runtime errors. The task is to find them and fix the code so that it will pass all of the test cases.

The time limit for this test was 20 minutes.

As far as I remember you need to get at least 6 of 7 correct answers to clear this level.

To crack this round, you have to embrace all the basic programming skills. Practice solving interview coding questions.

Amazon Telephonic Interview

After that, Those who cleared the debugging test got telephonic interview calls. Here is my telephonic interview experience for Amazon.

I received the call at the exact time. I greeted him.

Here are some of the questions I can remember right now.

  • Then he asked some casual questions like what courses I have taken that semester, my interests, my school, etc.
  • Then he asked some technical questions. I remember very few of them, like an internal implementation of Hashtable, linked lists (implement Linked-List in C) and arrays difference, complexities.
  • There were some basic questions on data structures and algorithms.

Amazon Internship Coding Questions

Then he gave me a link for the shared editor, where he asked me to write code for 2 problems.

  • One of them was, finding whether the given list of integers has an odd number of duplicate numbers in O(n) time complexity.
    Answer: I have solved the given problem with hashmaps and explained how it is running in O(n). After this, he was fully convinced. Some of the candidates were asked to print the valid parenthesis.
  • He gave me another problem where input was an expression with different parenthesis ( (, {, [ ). My task was to find whether the given expression is valid or not again in O(n) complexity.
    Answer: I used a stack data structure to solve this problem. After this, I fully explain the code. Learn to implement a stack in C programming.

He said he is done with Amazon internship questions and placement process. He asked me if I have any questions for him or not. I asked him a few questions.

After my interview, around 2 weeks later, I received the mail from them with an offer letter.

The whole process took almost a month or two. My only advice for the aspirants, work on Amazon internship questions and your foundations and the job is yours for sure.

Wish you all the best!

Editor’s Note: This Amazon interns interview questions and experience is shared by the candidate. We wish her all the best for her future.

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