4 Ways | How can Artificial Intelligence Benefit Humans and Productivity?

4 Ways | How can Artificial Intelligence Benefit Humans and Productivity?

4 Ways | How can Artificial Intelligence Benefit Humans and Productivity?

Artificial Intelligence

There is always a debate- Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) good or bad for human?

It always depends on the application and usage of AI.

In this article, we are discussing- How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Humans To Be More Productive?

While most of the companies and their clients are already well aware of the benefits that artificial intelligence can provide, there are many who are unaware of the human advantages.

In other words: how does artificial intelligence help humans to be more productive when it comes to their daily tasks?

There is a wide range of functions that artificial intelligence is able to provide.

Do you want to learn more about all of the ways that AI can revolutionize the way that humans handle their workflow?

I urged to read on and learn more.

How can artificial intelligence benefit humans?

Here are the 4 major applications of AI can help human to go more productive.

1. Personal Assistance

The manner in which the modern worker engages with their personal assistant is about to change forever. And the ripple effects are already being felt.

For example, there is a multitude of workers who are relying on virtual assistants on a daily basis. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are filling a key role in a variety of companies.

These assistants have been designed to make life easier.

Many of us have no problem asking Alexa or Siri to play music or tell us what time the movie. Along with this, we are going to see, there are work-related purposes being fulfilled with the AI.

It has never been easier to allow Alexa and Siri to handle various tasks. And this frees up all sorts of valuable time for employees to spend on other activities.

Those who are truly forgetful can set themselves various reminders and avoid the difficulties that are associated with forgotten meetings (and the like).

Despite having some cons of AI, using personal assistance is the biggest advantage of AI.

2. E-Mailing

As anyone who has ever had to spend a lot of time sending e-mails, it is a soul-sucking task and a major drag.

Let’s say that the content contained within these e-mails is relatively the same. It can be tough to find the time to send all of these different e-mails. This is especially true when there are just a few minor tweaks to be made in the email content.

Workers can now use artificial intelligence as a means of making this tedious task fly by more quickly.

AI tools are particularly effective for teams who work in the worlds of sales and marketing. They are often left to send e-mail after e-mail into the void, with no end in sight.

With the predictive personalization that artificial intelligence has to offer, these tasks are now made easy.

The use of AI in e-mail marketing helps businesses that are looking to increase their open rates as well.

The time that is spent in front of a blank e-mailing screen can now be spent elsewhere.

3. Customer Service

How can AI power up customer service support?

Customer service is not always easy to automate. There is a certain amount of humanity required in these instances. After all, a client with major concerns is not going to want to spend their time on the phone with a robot.

However, the chatbot allows a customer to enjoy the very best of both worlds. They receive responses quickly and they are not forced to endure lengthy phone calls.

A business can lose a client instantly if they allow themselves to remain beholden to the old ways of doing things.

Today’s consumer is not going to spend hours on hold when they are looking for a resolution. They are going to head elsewhere as soon as they are made to wait for an extended period of time and rightfully so.

Most chatbots have been programmed to converse with the consumer in a manner that feels as natural as possible.

Troubleshooting has never been easier than it is today.

If the client needs help from a human customer service representative, the bots are able to direct them to the necessary parties without any additional time being wasted.

4. Scheduling Concerns

So many of the best-laid plans end up going awry because of scheduling concerns that were easy to avoid.

There are also those who are looking to cut down on the amount of time that they are spending in pointless meetings each day.

These are both major pains that should be avoided at all costs. Artificial intelligence is here to assist you.

AI can help employees to manage their feedback and also provides them with assistance with attendee responses.

AI contributes to the unemployment one of the biggest myths of AI.

Team leaders who are responsible for coordinating various activities between their employees also stand to benefit immensely from these technological advancements.

Businesses that maintain a tight schedule are not only increasing their ability to draw the top employees but they are also giving themselves a leg up on the competition. The more time that can be freed up, the better.

As any team leader will say, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

It is time for companies to take the proper steps so that they can start to work smarter (instead of harder). Thanks to artificial intelligence.

Businesses will have the chance to save time and dedicate their valuable resources to other areas.

There is no reason to continue to rely on the same old outdated tactics. AI is here to pave a whole new way for the forward-thinking companies out there.

Final Words…

These are some of the ideas can be automated with the AI. Hope this is clear- how can artificial intelligence benefit humans? AI is always a topic of discussion and you might have your own thought about it. Let’s comment below and discuss.

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