7 Teradata Interview Questions Answers and Written Test

7 Teradata Interview Questions Answers and Written Test

Teradata visited our campus, NIT Trichy, India. This is the on-campus interview experience I am sharing.

Here are my placement experience and Teradata interview questions. There were one written test and three technical interviews.

It is a full-time offer from Teradata. Job location is Hyderabad for everyone those got placement offer.

Teradata Written Test

There are basic output questions on C programming. So prepare it well to crack Teradata written test.

For the practice, you go through the C coding questions.

Teradata Interview Questions

There were 3 technical interviews for everyone who gets through a written test. I don’t remember the exact Teradata company interview questions. I can share the topic you should prepare if you are appearing for Teradata Company placement and interview.

  1. You should touch the basics concept of data structure and algorithm. Focus on Linked List, Tree, different types of hashing mechanism, binary tree traversal, etc.
  2. You go through the singleton class and understand its mechanism.
  3. You will face some questions from Backtracking and dynamic programming problem. Understand how dynamic programming is different from recursion.
  4. You have to code on paper. If they ask you to write code on paper. Explain your code to them once you complete and also discuss the complexity of the code you have written. It will leave a good impression on an interviewer.
  5. We know Teradata is a big data company but they slightly touch the database. You should be knowing all the basics that you have learned in your academic. Don’t dig much into this. It is the biggest misconception in candidates appearing for Teradata placement and they prepare for the only database. Do not do that.
  6. You should focus on data structure and algorithm.
  7. You have to be ready for all the questions that you will be asked for your project.

All the Best!

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