Microsoft Interview Questions | On Campus | Set 1

Microsoft Interview Questions | On Campus | Set 1

I am sharing my experience about placement and Microsoft interview questions. Hope this will be very useful for you if are preparing for Microsoft placement. I appeared for on-campus placement drive for Microsoft. And I am happy to be part of Microsoft.

Microsoft Interview Questions in Each Round:

There was Microsoft placement paper online. Students, those cleared online test was eligible for the further interview process.

Online MCQ Test (20 MCQ Questions / 45 minutes)

There were 20  multiple choice questions. 45 min was allotted to solve 20 questions.

As per I remember, there were MCQ coding questions on Java and C computer language.  They also covered some question from Data structure, Operating System. Some question was from Aptitude.

Difficulty level was moderate.

They asked us to wait for 30 minutes after an online test. After that, they declared the result for online MCQ test. There was a coding written test for first online test qualified students.

Online Coding Test (2 coding questions / 60 minutes)

There were two coding questions. To solve two coding questions, there were 60 minutes

  • The tree is given in the linked list structure form. Write a function to return single link list of leaf nodes from left to right.
  • Given an array of n elements. K is any parameter which has a value is in the range from 1 to n. Print the number of unique elements in every following k elements.

Coding question was not that much difficult. But we have to be good in linked list as it is quite time-consuming.

Microsoft Interview Rounds:

I cleared both online tests and they asked us for an interview next day. Following are the Microsoft interview questions I have been asked.

Microsoft interview questions: Round 1

  • They ask me basic definition from the database such as normalization… It was so easy and I was feeling more comfortable.
  • What are the differences between normal DBMS and RDBMS?
  • What is the process in OS?
  • Wha is synchronization in OS?  Why is it so important?
  • Some basic question on Data Structure concept that includes Linked List, Tree, heap, stack…
  • Three digits number has given. Write the code to find out next bigger number that has the same digits as a given number.
    Solution: Find Next Greater Number with the same Set of Digits

Now they tried to boost a power of my imagination. 😉

  • If you are CEO of Microsoft for ten days, what do you want to change, so that whole environment gets change?
    Solution: It is a generic question. For this question, we can talk about cutting edge technology, latest term, and technology. I told him about IoT and how it is shaping the future.

Microsoft interview questions: Round 2

An interviewer had given three programs and asked to write code for it in C language.

Then interviewer moved to Java coding as I had mentioned in my resume.

  • Tell me about the Object Oriented Programming Concept (OOPs concept) in Java.
  • Tell me about your project. I said that I am working on the cloud-based project. So he asked some questions from cloud computing. Such as What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?.

Note: Do Prepare project well. It will help you in every company placement. An interviewer will ask you very simple questions, but as you have completed your project yourself, they expect to answer every question.

Microsoft interview questions: Round 3

An interviewer started the interview with a somewhat general question, that helped me to feel more comfortable and confident.

  • What do you do in free time?
  • What are the activities (academic  as well as non-academic activities) you do in college?
  • How to find the angle between two hands (hour and minutes) of the clock?
  • What is N-Queen problem and how to solve it?

As I had experience of working in MNC before joining MTech, they ask me some question related to a last job.

  • Tell me about your last job and your designation.
  • On what kind of project did you work there?
  • What is the most difficult situation you have handled in last job project?

Now the fundamental question came from an interviewer that gave me somewhat confident to get selected for Microsoft.

Note: This is the basic and most important question. Almost in every interview, you will face it. So before going to any interview, think over and keep 2-3 points in mind. It will help you to tackle this type of questions.

Guys, I have shared my experience and all Microsoft interview questions. So go through it and do your best. Best wishes!


Thank you Dhananjay for sharing Interview Questions and your experience about Microsoft placement. We wish you all the best for your future.

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