7 Juniper Interview Questions for Python Developer

7 Juniper Interview Questions for Python Developer

I had attended an online interview with Juniper. I’m sharing my experience here so that it will help other job aspirants.

I got a call from HR and after having a discussion he scheduled an interview with a technical team. It was an online interview scheduled for an hour.

Juniper Interview Questions for Python Developer

Here are some of the Juniper Interview questions I can recollect now from my interview.

He start with a question,

  1. How much do you rate yourself in Python?
    Answer: Just don’t give a number. Explain why did you rated yourself and your experience working with Python.

Then he moved to some coding exercise.

  1. Write a Python program to find the first repeated character in the string.
  2. Write a Python program to convert the nested dictionary into a flatten dictionary.

After solving these coding interview questions, he started asking some questions related to REST APIs.

  1. What is the difference between REST and other web services?
    Answer: I explained to him the difference between REST and SOAP APIs.
  2. What does REST stand for?
    Answer: Representational State Transfer Protocol
  3. What is ‘State’ means?
    Answer: REST is stateless transfer protocol. It means the server does not preserve the state. Every request will be evaluated independently.

For more detail, check the REST interview questions and answers.

  1. After that, he asked me to write the regular expression for the IP address.
    Answer: This question has asked in every other Juniper interview. So be prepared for this. You can check the regular expression for IP address validation.

All this interview has happened in one hour. So you have to be very quick for solving the coding questions. Coding questions are not much difficult, but you can not take much time.

Editors’ Note: Thanks candidate for sharing your experience and Juniper interview questions for Python developer. This will help many job aspirants.

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