Juniper Networks Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

Juniper Networks Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

There was a total of four rounds including three technical interviews and one managerial interview in a single day.

This opportunity was for the experienced Python developer profile. As I remember following are the questions asked in three Juniper technical and an HR round.

Juniper Networks Interview Questions

Questions 1: Write a program for web scraping.

Answer: I gave her an example of a web scraping Zomato application. I don’t need to code a complete program. I explained to her on the whiteboard. Also, I told her different Python libraries to use like BeautifulSoap which is the most popular Python module used for web scraping.

Check web scrapping interview questions and answers.

Questions 2: Write a program to identify if the two string is circular equivalent using Python.

Example: The string juniper is circular equivalent to iperjun.

Questions 3: Write the regular expression to check the valid IP address.

Answer: I don’t have any experience working on regular expression in Python. So I explained to the interviewer IP address format and the logic. He was fine with that.

Check the Python program to identify if the IP address is valid or not. (I learned it after coming from the interview.)

If you know the regular expression or logic, it is easy to build it with the re Python module. Similarly, they can ask you to validate the IPv6 or MAC address.

Questions 4: What is a generator in Python?

Answer: Explain the interviewer Python generator by giving an example.

Questions 5: Write a Python program to print the square of each number from the given list using a generator.

You can use the yield keyword to return the value from the generator.

def myGen(myList):
  yield myList[0]*myList[0] 
  yield myList[1]*myList[1] 
  yield myList[2]*myList[2] 

myList=[1, 2, 3] 
for val in myGen(myList): 



Questions 6: What is list compression and explain with an example?

Answer: It is an advanced method for creating a Python list. Learn more about list compression syntax and examples.

Example: Write a program to generate the list having elements 0 to 9 using the list compression technique.

myList=[x for x in range(0, 10)] 


[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

Then she asked more questions on the following advanced Python topics.

These are some advanced Python techniques. Prepare well.

Then she moved to the REST APIs. She asked me some REST APIs and Web Services Interview questions.

Questions 7: What is RESTful APIs?

REST is the architectural style of the API. It is an abbreviation of REpresentational State Transfer. Explained to him the architecture and characteristics of REST APIs.

Questions 8: List down different HTTP methods used in REST.

Answer: REST is the protocol that uses the HTTP protocol internally. Different HTTP methods that we can use with the REST are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS.

Questions 9: What is the difference between PUT and POST methods used in REST APIs?

Both PUT and POST methods are used in RESTful APIs for creating resources.

Here is the main difference between the two.

  • The PUT method is idempotent. This means, if you call the PUT request multiple times, it generates the same result. Example: If you call the PUT method N times to create a resource, it generates a single resource.
  • Whereas, the POST method is not idempotent. If you call the POST method N times, it creates N resources.

Questions 10: What is the PATCH method?

Answer: This is different from the PUT and POST methods. PUT and POST methods are generally used to create the resources. The PATCH method is used to make partial changes in existing resources using HTTP URI.

Questions 11: What is the difference between REST and SOAP web services?

Answer: Explain how the REST API is more advanced and acceptable over SOAP. For detail, read the difference between REST and SOAP APIs.

Questions 12: What is Jenkins and how you use it?

Answer: I had mentioned Jenkins in my project. So she asked me a couple of questions on this. It is an automation tool used for automating the build, test, and deploy process. Many of the companies use Jenkins as it is an open-source and standard.

Questions 13: They asked me questions about my MTech project which is related to the Arduino board.

Answer: I explained in detail about my projects like working, architecture, and different protocols used.

They will ask you questions about the project you have mentioned in the CV. Be prepared for it.

How to prepare for the Juniper Networks interview?

All three technical interview was F2F. In each interview round, there was only one interviewer.

Each interview was for almost 40 minutes with a two-minute break.

Refer to Python interview questions and answers. It covers almost all the Python interview questions. If you learn each question and answer, you can crack technical interviews very easily whether it is for Juniper or any other company.

In the meeting room, there was a big whiteboard. For all Juniper Networks interview questions, they asked to write code for it. In that case, you don’t need to write the exact code.  They check your knowledge and problem-solving approach.

Managerial and HR Interview Questions

After completing three back-to-back technical interviews, I was asked for a managerial interview on the same day.

Here are some of the questions I remember.

  • Why do you want to switch to the company?
  • What do you do on weekends?
  • What will you choose or which is more important to you- money, project or company?
    Answer: There can not be a director answer to this question. You can explain how money, project, and company all three are important in a career.
  • Then he asked a couple of questions related to the project currently I’m working on.
  • Is there any question for me?

It was more like a friendly discussion. But you have to be very conscious while answering these questions. They usually observe your behavior and approach.

To attend any HR or managerial round, prepare for these kinds of HR interview questions.

After completing four rounds, the Manager said that I will receive a call from the HR team within a week. Currently, I waiting for it.

Editor’s Note: Thanks Niket M. for sharing Juniper Networks interview questions. Your personal experience will help many job seekers. We wish you all the best.

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