Cisco Online Test Pattern and Interview Questions for Freshers

Cisco Online Test Pattern and Interview Questions for Freshers

Hey Guys, I am sharing my Cisco Placement Papers, Patterns, and my interview experience.

This opportunity I got through the eLitmus exam.

Please go through all the Cisco online test topics and technical interview questions.

Online Technical Test Questions (1st Round Cisco)

This is a 45 minutes online test to solve 45 multiple choice questions.

There is no Negative marking. So you are free to solve all the questions.

It covers majorly three topics.

  • 20 questions were asked from C programming concepts.
  • 20 questions were related to computer networking topics.
  • 5 questions from database management systems.

Unlike most of the other companies, there were no questions from aptitude and reasoning.

They will shortlist the candidate for an interview based on your online test result.

Technical Interview Questions (2nd Round Cisco)

This is a face-to-face interview round.

Prepare the following topics. You will find most of the interview questions related to this.

Go through your resume.

You will be asked questions related to your college projects, the area of interest.

Network and Certification.

If you have done any certification programs, they can ask you questions related to it.

As CISCO is a networking company, prepare from computer networking very well.

Some of the important Topics from Computer Network.

They will ask you the difference between multiple networking terminology.


Prepare for all above-mentioned topics. As it is a networking company, they expect more from you about computer networking.

Sometime, you will be asked to solve the coding questions. They did not ask me any coding questions. But I heard, most of the panel asked interview coding questions to the candidates.

In the same interview, they ask me HR interview questions as well.

So there are only two interviews for me. If you clear both the rounds then you can expect the result within two weeks after the interview.

This is my experience with Cisco online test and interview questions.

All the Best!

Editor’s Note: These questions and experience about Cisco placement are shared by the Madhav Lambha. We wish him all the best for the future.

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