75 Alternative Companies of FAANG to Join in India

75 Alternative Companies of FAANG to Join in India

Scrolling through LinkedIn, I realized, nowadays, many just shout FAANG FAANG without even knowing the meaning.

Almost everyone wants to get a job there.

Do you think, only companies in the FAANG, provide good pay and have extraordinary work culture?

This is not the case.

Let us see some of the common myths about the FAANG.

What is FAANG?

FAANG was made to abbreviate the most seemingly profitable stocks of 2010s. So, FAANG is an abbreviation for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Why Microsoft is not in the FAANG?

You might be wondering, why Microsoft is not in the FAANG.

Microsoft was already a giant when the term FAANG was introduced. The stock value of Microsoft was high already. FAANG describes the list of the growing companies. Otherwise, Microsoft is bigger than Netflix and Facebook/Meta combined.

What is MAMMA?

Based on the recent valuation of top tech giants, Netflix is ‘OUT’ and Microsoft is ‘IN’. FAANG is outdated now and MAMMA is the new acronym.

MAMAA includes Meta / Facebook, Alphabet / Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple.

The term MAMAA is revealed by the originator of the FAANG.

FAANG or MAMMA are the only good companies to work?

Not at all.

Understand the fact. FAANG (currently MAANG) was never a group recognized as a dream IT company but, a group of companies with extraordinary growth in the stock market of the USA in top news reports.

Dream companies shouldn’t be recognized by the money they offer but by the culture and fun, you will have at work.

When next time, you are looking for a job, don’t go for the FAANG blindly. Consider all the important factors like Salary/Pay, work culture, and most importantly, learning opportunities.

Talk to your friends/colleagues working out there. They can tell you more about the company and projects rather than the lucrative job descriptions.

Now let’s see…

Alternative Companies of FAANG

  1. Adobe
  2. Airbnb
  3. American Express
  4. Atlassian
  5. Barclays
  6. Binance
  7. Bloomberg
  8. Box
  9. ByteDance
  10. Cisco
  11. Coinbase
  12. De Shaw
  13. Deutsche Bank
  14. Doordash
  15. Expedia
  16. Fidelity Investments
  17. Freshworks
  18. Gojek
  19. Goldman Sachs
  20. Grab
  21. HackerEarth
  22. Hackerrank
  23. Huawei
  24. IBM Labs
  25. Indeed
  26. Instacart
  27. Intel
  28. Intuit
  29. JP Morgan
  30. LinkedIn
  31. Lyft
  32. Microsoft
  33. Morgan Stanley
  34. Nutanix
  35. Nvidia
  36. Oracle
  37. PayPal
  38. Pinterest
  39. Qualcomm
  40. Rippling
  41. Robinhood
  42. Roblox
  43. Rubrik
  44. SAP Labs
  45. Salesforce
  46. Samsung
  47. Slack
  48. Sprinklr
  49. Square
  50. Stripe
  51. Target
  52. Tinder
  53. Tower Research Capital
  54. Twilio
  55. Twitter
  56. Two Sigma
  57. Uber
  58. VMware
  59. Visa
  60. Walmart
  61. Wells Fargo
  62. World Quant
  63. Zoom

Some of the companies pay even more than FAANG and also provide stocks and RSUs to their employees.

I have seen many who drops offers from FAANG to join one of the above.

In fact, I would say, these are not the alternatives, it is the list of the companies other than FAANG, you should work for.

Some of the homegrown startups from India

There are many unicorn Indian startups that give pay comparable to AMAZON and other MAMMA companies.

  1. Byju’s
  2. Cred
  3. Flipkart
  4. Groww
  5. Jio
  6. Meesho
  7. Myntra
  8. Ola
  9. Oyo
  10. PhonePe
  11. Swiggy
  12. Zerodha
  13. Zomato

Here the culture is startup type. You can see sometimes workload getting piled up. Sometimes, work-life balance becomes challenging. But your contributions are noticed and hikes are in accordance.

Feel free to add any company to the list of alternative companies of FAANG in the reply section which is an alternative of FAANG in terms of compensation, learning opportunity, culture, work-life balance, etc.

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