Adobe Interview Questions and Answers | Online Coding and Technical Round

Adobe Interview Questions and Answers | Online Coding and Technical Round

I have given an interview with Adobe. Here I am sharing Adobe online test and interview questions along with my experience.

Online Test: First they took online test in hacker rank. After cracking Adobe Online Coding test, I got a call for an interview.

Adobe Interview Questions and Answers

There are four technical rounds. I don’t remember all the questions. Below are some questions interviewer asked me different technical interview rounds.

Round 1: Techincal Interview Questions

This interview round went for almost went for 45 minutes.

  • An interviewer asks me some questions on Project Architecture.
  • Write a program to print values in matrix diagonally starting from the left.
  • What are the major challenges of microservice architecture?

Round 2: Adobe Interview with Director

This is again 45 minutes interview. Following are some of the questions I was asked, as I remember.

  • How does StackOverflow occur?
  • How much time it will take to occur StackOverflow error in the given machine?
  • Again some questions were from Project Architecture.

Round 3: Technical Interview Questions

This round was a bit long, almost for 90 minutes.

  • You have given an array. Create a max number by merging all the record.
  • Check if the given Binary Tree (BT) is a Binary Search Tree (BST).
  • Find the common ancestor of two given node in a Binary Tree?
  • Check if the given string is palindrome or not.
  • Find the max length palindrome substring from the given string?

Round-4: Adobe Interview Questions

Again this round went for almost 90 minutes.

  • Find hops required to reach to the end in a given array with each index contains max hop allowed value.
  • They asked me some questions related to the Binary Tree Traversal.
  • Delete all the nodes in a given Binary Tree having path sum from that node to rootless than given value k.
  • Find the max square length sub-matrix having all 1’s in the given 0,1 value matrix

To crack all the interview rounds of Adobe, learn more about the project. They can ask you questions based on your project mentioned in the resume.

In all the interviews they asked most of the coding questions. So practice solving interview coding questions. This will help you to crack Adobe interviews.

Also, revise all the below-mentioned topics for the interview.

  • Problem-solving
  • Data structure
  • JAVA Programming
  • C# Programming
  • Design
  • Operating System fundamental
  • Networking
  • Database

Edito’r Note: These Adobe interview questions and answers and placement experience are shared by the Candidate. We wish him all the best for his future.

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