[Solved] 5 Java Virtual Machine Errors and Quick Fix for JVM

[Solved] 5 Java Virtual Machine Errors and Quick Fix for JVM

The best code is expected to throw errors which are easily fixed by the developers by formulating some quick tips and tricks.

While running the code on JAVA, you might have experienced different types of Virtual Machine Errors. You need to fix JAVA Virtual Machine errors to get you back your day without crashing the app.

Purpose of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM):

The Java virtual machine is mainly used for memory allocation, automatic garbage collection and byte-code interpretation to machine code.

Check the detail step-by-step guide for JVM installation on your system.

Role of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

It is mandatory to install the Java Runtime Environment for the proper working of certain applications. The Java Virtual Machine is a crucial part of the JRE.

Instead of an executable file, a .class file is produced by compiling the java files which contains Java byte code and then interprets into machine-readable instructions.

Is JVM Platform Dependent?


The Java virtual machine is regarded as the platform independent. It does not depend on any singular operating system or hardware architecture for running the app hence providing a proper machine interface.

Note: JVM, JRE, and JDK are three different terms. If you are learning Java, you should know the difference between them.

Quick Tips to Fix JAVA Virtual Machine Errors

Often comes a time when you experience error messages while running JVM in situations like playing games, booting the computer or trying to open any Java-based applications.

Let us look after some quick fixes to resolve few common error messages.

1. Cannot create the Java Virtual Machine

We all have faced this error when trying to start java based games, for instance, Minecraft.

could not create the java virtual machine Windows

How to solve this error?

  • Click on Control Panel
  • Open System
  • Click Advanced Systems properties
  • Go to environment variables
  • Click ‘new’ in system variables
  • Enter a new variable name – _JAVA_OPTIONS
  • Then enter the variable value – Xmx512M
  • Select OK

2. OutofMemory Error

It is quite popular among the DevOps community as there are other 8 types of OutofMemoryError that need to get recognized.

Every error is generated by variant reasons. Similar to this, there are different kinds of methods to solve them.

It becomes a tedious job to analyze Garbage Collection logs and Heap dumps; to overcome this.

What are the Free tools for finding Memory issues?

You can try your hands on free tools like GCeasy, HP Jmeter or IBM GC analyzer for Garbage collection logs.

There are HeapHero or Eclipse MAT for heap dumps.

3. Trouble in opening the registry key

Such errors can be encountered when working with java in command prompt.

How to resolve registry related issues?

  • Search Windows\system32 folder
  • Trash all the executable files along with java.exe, javaw.exe, and javaws.exe
  • Reinstall your java runtime environment

4. StackOverflowError

How does StackOverflow error occur?

A thread’s stack has stored information related to the methods it allows to execute along with the primitive data type values, local variables, object pointers and return values.

All of these things consume a lot of memory and if the threads stack sizes grow beyond the allocated memory limit, then there are chances of java.lang.StackOverflowError to pop-up.

Typically this error occurs when a thread recursively invokes the same function again and again because of a bug that is present in the executing program.

To solve this, put some traces inside your code and see which function is getting called recursively.

5. Internal and Unknown Error

The internal error is said to be thrown by JVM due to three main reasons-

  • fault in software which is implementing the virtual machine
  • error in underlying host system software
  • fault in the hardware.

Similarly, when the Java virtual machine is unable to report the actual error or an exception, it throws the Unknown Error. Like- Cannot access jar file

You may encounter this error while trying to open an application in the Java virtual machine.

How to resolve the internal or unknown error in JVM?

  • Select ‘default programs’
  • Click on ‘Associate a file type or protocol’ with a program
  • Select ‘change program’ and click on ‘JAVA virtual machine launcher’
  • Click ‘close’ to check if the issue is resolved or not.
  • Try to uninstall or reinstall JAVA


We all have experienced different types of errors while working with the java virtual machine. In this article, we mentioned a few common ones which are faced by everyone and also suggested some tips and tricks for combating the situation.

Hope you are able to fix JAVA Virtual Machine errors. You can start learning and focusing on Java.

If you don’t find the solution to your problem, share the error message you are getting in the comment. We will try our best to resolve it.

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