TCS Software Testing Interview Questions for Testing Profile

TCS Software Testing Interview Questions for Testing Profile

Last month I appeared for the interview in TCS for testing job profile. I remember some of the interview questions I was asked.

There were two rounds of interviews- managerial round and HR round.

TCS Software Testing Interview Questions

To crack this round you should know all the fundamentals of software testing.

Here are some of the questios I cam remember right now.

  • Why we use integration in math?
  • As I had one year gap, he asked me for the reason?
  • What you have done within these 5 months?
    Answer: I told him as I was learning manual testing.
  • What is Sanity Testing?
    Told with Live example. After this answer, I got the attention of the manager.
  • Technical guy Ask me “ARE YOU WORKING SOMEWHERE.?
    Answer: I said “YES” as I was doing some projects.
  • Are they paying anything to you?
    Answer: I said “NO” and also explained the reason that “Testing is all about how much you connect yourself with the real world!” That is what I am doing! Just to improve my skills.
  • Then he moved to some technical question. What is Agile.?
    Answer: I explained to him thoroughly. Why do we use Agile? What are the different roles? Agile principle, method, and Practices  (You don’t need to elaborate on each topic in detail, You can answer it in a short and simple way)
  • What is Regression testing?
    Answer: I told about Regression testing and I also mention how regression is different from Sanity testing.
  • Difference between Waterfall and V-Model?
  • He asked me to explain V-Model with a diagram.
  • Are you Comfortable in other domain like Oracle?
  • Are you willing to relocate.?
    Answer: Yes! (why not? 😉 )

Also, prepare for RPA automation testing. They can ask you some basic questions from robotic process automation.

After a long interview, I was asked to wait outside. Then they asked me to go for HR round.

HR Round Interview Questions:

  • Tell me something about your family.
  • Do you know the service agreement and all?
    I said no. After that, she explained all the stuffs related to the agreement.
  • Do you have any questions for me or for our company?
    I smiled and Said You want to say anything mam? She told as I am good. After that, she don’t say anything more. Again, I was asked to wait for the result.

Once you crach manageria round, it is not difficult to crack HR round. Also, practice some of the common questions asked in HR interview rounds. It will help you, surely.

After some days, I got the result as I am selected. I was like over the moon and happy.

Thanks, Guys and everyone who has supported me!

Read automating functional testing using JMeter. Even if you have basic knowledge of JMeter, it will give you advantage over other candidates in interview.

CSEstack Editorial Team: Thanks Manpreet for sharing your TCS software testing interview questions and your experince, I am sure it will help other students preparing for TCS for resting profile. We wish you all the best.

If you have any questions, you can ask in comment secttion.


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