Syntel Hackathon Questions | Interview Rounds | Placement Paper

Syntel Hackathon Questions | Interview Rounds | Placement Paper

Hi, I have attended the campus Syntel drive. Here is my experience. Also sharing some of the Syntel interview questions asked me in MCQ and interview rounds.

Questions for MCQ test Round

I would suggest Practicing aptitude topics. Some of the common topics you should prepare for this round like profit and loss, percentage, trains, ratio and proportions, time and work, simple interest and compound interest, age problems, blood relations, direction sense test.

In the English section, there are some questions to find out antonyms and synonyms. There are some questions on the given paragraph as well.

Follow the best aptitude test preparation tips to crack this round. Here time management is very important. So, you should be having accuracy and speed in solving aptitude questions.

Syntel Hackathon Questions and Problem Statement

The 2nd round will be the hackathon round.

For me, the question was to find the special elements in the matrix. Some of my friends have different hackathon questions.

This is a completely new round for me. And I don’t see any other companies on our campus having Hackathon round except Syntel.

Practice solving coding challenge questions. If you want to get into any product-based company, competitive programming is very important.

To clear this round, I would suggest practicing algorithms and flowcharts. They will ask you questions about your hackathon project in the next technical round.  So, do it on your own.

Syntel Technical Interview Questions

You will be asked questions about your hackathon project and from your resume. Make sure you have your CV formatted as per industry standards. Use CSEstack Online CV builder. It is FREE.

Most of the questions will be based on the programming language.

If Java programming is your preferred programming language, for the technical round, they will be asked mostly from core java, project and hackathon related.

For C/C++ programming, there are some common questions you will be asked. Like what is a virtual function in C++? And how is it different from a normal function?

Note: There can be Group Discussion (GD) round if there are more candidates appearing for the drive. This round was not there for me.

In a technical round, they can ask you to write code on paper. So, practice solving these 50+ interview questions asked in many technical interview rounds.

All the Best!

Editor Note: These Syntel hackathon questions, interview rounds and experiences are shared by the Palab. We wish him all the best for his future.

If you have any doubts or want to share your interview experience, feel free to write in the comment or to reach out to us.


  1. Sir, When will they ask me the preferred language I have to write the code for my program? I have to attend my hackathon round in two days.

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