6 Reasons | Why Competitive Programming is Important?

6 Reasons | Why Competitive Programming is Important?

6 Reasons | Why Competitive Programming is Important?

Can Competitive Programming Be An Excellent Platform For Quality Programmers?

Let us be honest for a moment and acknowledge the fact that we hate doing homework assignments. And that hatred proportionally increases as we go in the higher studies.

The truth is we loathe the teacher who ruins our weekends by giving homework assignments.

Now, programming assignments are very common among students who are majoring in computer. These assignments can prove to be quite painful if the person does not possess prerequisite knowledge and sufficient practice.

The problem most of these students face due to lack of preparation is they don’t know how to approach the program and write its code.

The only solution to this problem is to go through rigorous practice and to develop a better understanding of how the codes work.

What is Competitive programming?

Now, you are a student who mastered the art of programming. Are you finding a lack of sources to quench your hunger to solve more codes?

Competitive programming organized by leading organizations like Google, Apple, etc. can become a perfect solution.

Competitive programming is nothing but a brain game where the programmer needs to write down codes according to the given constraints.

These competitions mostly get done on the internet or some local network.

Why competitive programming is important?

The participants get labeled as competitive coders. Fortunately, many leading companies use this platform to hire their next employee.

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The competitive program run by Facebook is Codejam and Hackerup. On many previous occasions, Facebook recognized the effort of the competitive coders and recruited them for their organization.

What are the Benefits of Competitive Programming?

Why competitive programming is important?

1. A platform to display the skills in front of a large audience:

Apart from having an opportunity to work for such tech giants, there are several other benefits of competitive programming.

The competition provides a public platform for our coders to display their skills.

The programmers are known for their problem-solving skills, and they demonstrate that skill in events such as Codechef, Topcoder, Hackerearth and many more which helps them with fame and recognition.

It allows them not only to work for some firms like Facebook or Google but also it provides equal opportunity to programmers who wish to work freelance. The fame gained from such events helps them to attract new clients.

2. A good place for struggling programmers to improve their skills:

Now, not everyone is blessed with excellent coding skills. Some need to put themselves in rigorous routine to improve their skills.

For such people, this platform can be helpful as well. The standard of the programming problems helps the students to challenge themselves more and improve them.

This, in turn, reflects on their grades which mostly remained on the lower side of the scale before they took the challenge of competitive programming.

As the person gets accustomed to solving such quality problems, it gives a boost of confidence to the coders.

A student who is preparing for a job interview will feel less nervous as they self-confidence has increased by leaps and bounds.

Similarly, a student who is preparing to take a test on programming or complete an assignment will feel more confident than what he felt previously.

3. A dream opportunity to work for some big names of the industry:

The competition gets regularly monitored by leading organizations such as Google, Apple, Facebook and many more. The platform provides excellent exposure to talented coders to land themselves a job in one of those firms.

Who does want to work in Google? Everyone.

The competition such as ACM, ICPC often gets regarded as the Olympiad for competitive programmers. A coder who performs well on such a platform can surely attract the attention of recruiters from leading firms.

Along with that, you need special computer programmer skills to get into your dream job.

4. Practice makes a man perfect and more focus:

The benefits of practicing are known to us. It makes a person better in his work and improves his focus.

The competition will help a programmer to improve his speed as well as improve the attention level to his work.

Practice solving competitive programming questions as much as you can.

For students who are struggling with coding will find the platform suitable to improve their focus while solving a program.

Now, when we are one done with writing code, there are several tests which get carried out on it to check its functionality. A coder who has done sufficient will tend to develop a habit of analyzing every step while writing to reduce programming errors.

5. A platform where a programmer can challenge and evaluate himself:

The standard of the programming problems are quite high and can mount a serious challenge for expert coders.

The platform provides the professional coders to test their skills and also challenge themselves from time to time to juggle their skills and remain up to date.

The platform can turn out to be significantly helpful for students who are struggling with programming.

A student who is yet to master the art of coding may develop a sense of fear in his mind due to continuous failure. But, with this platform due to its vast array of problems, a student can gradually improve on his skills and finally master the art of coding.

Competitive programming can significantly boost the confidence of a professional programmer. As the standards of problems are considerably high, it can be an excellent tool to exercise or tease your brain to improve its thinking skills.

6. The events such as these help a person to improve his skills while working in a team:

Several programmers are there who have excellent problem-solving skills but fail to perform as a team.

A company as big as Google will not offer the luxury of working on an individual level to any programmer. As a result, many excellent coders are forced to leave the job.

But the competitive programming has an entry where programmers can perform in groups of two and three instead of doing everything alone.

It helps a person to learn to play better within a team and also sometimes give birth to leaders.

The programmer who performs alone will never know he has got any leadership skills. But with a group performance, it will provide him with a perfect solution to evaluate him.

How Can You Improve Your Skills and Prepare for Competitive Programming?

If you are new to the programming,

Each person has a different definition of having fun. Many people find it enjoyable and have a laugh watching football or cricket, and many people love to enjoy by teasing themselves with tricky programming problems.

The competitive program provides this group of people with a platform where they can show their skills and gain recognition from the leading firms.

What’s your thought- why competitive programming is important?

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