Seven Lakes Coding and Interview Questions | Online Test

Seven Lakes Coding and Interview Questions | Online Test

My profile was shortlisted for one of the opportunities as a Python developer in Seven Lakes Technologies. I got a call from their HR team. After that, they set the online test.

Seven Lakes Online Test

There were 15 MCQ questions to be solved in 35 minutes. All the questions were technical and based on Python programming.

All the questions were based on the basic Python concepts. They were really tricky to solve.  You should brush up all your basic concepts before you start taking this online test.

There was a mistake in one of the questions. After the test, I replied to HR and told them about the mistake in that question.

After couple f days I got a call back from HR and told me that I cracked the online test. She scheduled a technical interview based on my availability.

Seven Lakes Interview Questions

This is a telephonic interview round overcall.

Here are some of the questions as I remember now.

1. He asked me a couple of questions on Probability.

There are two red balls and five blue balls. What is the probability of finding the red ball in the second pick? He asked some more related questions.

2. Then he asked about a Quicksort. How to implement the Quicksort algorithm?

I explained to him the complete logic behind the Quicksort technique. He just wants to know the logic and did not assist to write the code for it.

3. Later he asked a question on Python list and dictionary.

There is a list of dictionaries. How to delete the dictionary having a duplicate key from the list?

I explained to him the iterative method to solve this method.

4. He asked me a couple of more questions that I don’t remember.

Resource for Python interview preparation:

If you are looking for a job opportunity as a Python developer, check out the common Python interview questions. If you prepare all the questions and answers, you can crack any Python interview.

All the best!

Editors’ Note: This is Seven Lakes interview questions and coding round experience shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for his future.

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