Riverbed Interview Questions Pattern | Tips to Crack Interview

Riverbed Interview Questions Pattern | Tips to Crack Interview

Riverbed appeared for the campus placement in NIT. I don’t remember lots of questions. I can share the pattern they have followed for recruitment in our college. Also, I suggest some of the riverbed interview questions you should prepare.

They had a pre-placement presentation before starting the recruitment test.

Riverbed, the name of the company sounds kind weird. I still remember many have asked in their pre-placement presentation why the name of the company is Riverbed, in a pre-placement presentation.

It is a product development company. They develop several products to improve performance in a wide area network. They develop products in support of networking. If you are interested in the computer network, this is one of the good companies to go for.

Computer networking is one of the interesting subjects and my favorite. To get the command on the computer network, you can read Computer Networks by Tanenbaum . It is the most well-defined book I read for the computer network.

Written Test | Coding Test

The written test contents all the technical questions. The difficulty level was moderate.

There were two coding questions. A coding test was online. To solve these two coding questions, there were 60 minutes allocated. To crack this interview, you must have to solve at least one coding question with all test cases passed.  At last, the result of this coding test depends on how other candidates have solved coding questions as it is relative.

Riverbed Interview Questions | 2 Interview Rounds

There were two interview rounds. Primary they focused on technical skill and most of the questions were asked from the topic mentioned in the resume.

So write your resume fair and adequate, you can read this CV Format for Freshers to Grab Interviewer Attention for Job.

Note: If you are appearing for Riverbed interview, do mention the computer network as your area of interest as it is a networking company. It will give a supplementary advantage.

In the second interview, I faced most of the Riverbed interview questions from the code that I had written in the coding test. So don’t try to copy codes from your peers.

In the interview, they asked me to write a program.

Coding Question: Write a C Program to Remove White Spaces from String.

I wrote and explained this code on paper in C language. 

Note: If you are preparing for Riverbed, check Riverbed interview experience hared by another candidate.

There was no HR round. They had conducted simply two interview rounds. Those who had qualified two interview rounds were selected. Unfortunately, I was not in.

After a few days, I appeared for IBM campus placement for ISDL (Indian Software Development Lab) profile. Some call it as IBM ISL lab. You can read my IBM placement paper and interview experience.

All the Best. Give your best!

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