Riverbed Interview Questions and Answers | Online Test

Riverbed Interview Questions and Answers | Online Test

Hi, Guys. I am sharing my Riverbed interview questions and my placement experience. Riverbed came here for campus placement. They offered a full-time job employment offer in Bangalore.

Find my experience below. It will be useful for your placement.  It consists of one online test, one coding round and three technical interviews.

Online Test

The first online test(Hackerank) was easy. Basic questions from all subjects (Data structure and algorithm, DBMS, Computer Networks, C) were asked.

The coding round was not on the Hackerank. We had to code in front of them. They came to us and checked our code. Codes were easy. One hour was given to code.

First Riverbed Interview Questions

In the first interview, an interviewer asked questions on the coding round. How can you improvise etc? One puzzle and one question which he asked were as follows:

  1.  You have given an array of strings. How will you find the index of first duplicate strings?
    e.g. input -> Hi, Hello, Hello, Bye, Hi
    output should be -> 4
  2. One very easy puzzle was asked.

Second Riverbed Interview Questions

First, he asked me all the subjects I studied during M.tech and B.Tech. He asked why I didn’t opt for Networking as an elective subject in M.Tech. Then he started asking questions.

Here are the questions.

  1. What is the difference between system calls and library calls and their examples? Give an example of the library call which will not call system call internally.
  2. How does the system crash? (I told segmentation fault, lack of resources available, etc…)
  3. How will you debug the program if it crashes at clients’ place?
  4. What is the difference between hub and switch? What will happen if we don’t use the switch?
  5. He asked in depth about NAT protocol. How does the incoming packet will find the destination system? (I could not answer this completely, but, he asked me to think about it.)
  6. Some basic questions on computer networks. Some are like, what are the functions of the OSI layers, etc.

Third Riverbed Interview Questions

This round was all about the data structure. An interviewer asked me to code it on paper.

  1. How to convert BST to the doubly linked list?
  2. How to find the inorder predecessor of Binary Tree Traversal (BST)?
    Answer: Do read Binary Tree Traversal: Preorder, Inorder and Postorder Traversal.
  3. How to add a pointer to the nodes of BT so that they will point to their right sibling?Riverbed Interview
  4. Write a program to find the loop in the singly linked list.

Any Remark/ Advice for New Job Aspirants:

The most important thing they were looking for was your approach. Don’t even think about mugging up these codes. They were OK even if the code was not the most efficient.

Go through all the Riverbed Interview placement experience here. It will help you in many ways.

Note from CSEStack Editorial Team: Thanks candidate for sharing your Riverbed Interview experience. I am sure, it will be very helpful for new job aspirants.

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