Qualcomm Interview Questions | Set 1 |On Campus

Qualcomm Interview Questions | Set 1 |On Campus

Last month Qualcomm visited our campus for the placement. BTech and MTech were allowed for the placement drive. I am sharing Qualcomm interview questions and experience about online written test.

There was first online test followed by two technical interviews and one HR interview round.

Find all Qualcomm interview questions bellow

Go through all the Qualcomm interview questions. I am pretty sure it will be very helpful for you  to crack.


Qualcomm Online test:

The first round was an online test. Online test includes 30 questions on aptitude and 30 technical questions. I don’t remember exact questions, but I can give you brief idea. Technical questions include the basic concept in C, C++, Object Oriented concepts and some questions from core computer science subject.

Those who had cracked this test was eligible for the further interview process. Luckily I was in. There were two technical interviews for me. Some candidate had only one and some had two technical interviews. It depends upon our first interview performance.


Qualcomm Interview Questions: Round 1

  • There are some questions on Basic C concept and pointer.
    Note: Do prepare well for C language. It will be helpful for both written test and interview.
  • What is Micros in C? They had given me code snippets on paper. And then ask me to find out output and error in codes.
  • They asked me a couple of questions on bit manipulation. How to convert the decimal number to binary in C?
    Solution: Convert the decimal number to binary in C
  • Tell me about various tree traversal.
    Solution: Read Binary Tree Traversal: Preorder, Inorder and Postorder Traversal with an algorithm and its example.

After some questions from the data structure and algorithm, he asked me about computer architecture and hardware.

  • What is sticky bit and how to implement it?
  • What is Spinlock locking mechanism?
  • What is instruction pipelining and branch prediction?
  • What is semaphore and where to use?

After this  Qualcomm interview questions, he moved to puzzle section and asked me 4-5 puzzles. These are as follows.

  • 50 Truck with payload
  • 2 Eggs and 100-floor puzzle
  • Cut the biscuit and give to employee every day after work
  • Weighing Load in span puzzle


Qualcomm Interview Questions: Round 2

In this round, an interviewer asked me all questions on computer architecture and hardware.

  • What is Microcontroller? What is Microprocessor? What are the differences between Microprocessor and Microcontroller?
    Solution: Read 11 Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller with its definition.
  • What is the real-time operating system (RTOS)?
  • What is the architecture of the processor?
  • What will happen if we increase the processor clock frequency?
    Solution: If the  hardware and inbuilt software support higher clock frequency, performance will increase. Otherwise, there will be no change in performance of the system.
    Initially, I was not sure what exactly he was expecting from me. But after my answer he was happy.

I had given the answer for almost all Qualcomm interview questions. Finally, I was shortlisted for HR round.

Qualcomm Interview Questions: HR round

HR round is kind of formality. But don’t take it lightly and keep your momentum. HR Qualcomm interview questions were bit easy and straight forward.

  • Tell me about yourself.
    Note: It is obvious questions you will get in any interview round. So do prepare well and keep all the points that you want to tell.
  • Why do you want to join Qualcomm?
    Note: To prepare for this question, you should have at least one affirmative point about this company. So go through Qualcomm website.
  • Do you have any questions?
    Note: Do keep at least one question in mind to ask. That will show your interest about Qualcomm.
  • What is your preferred location for joining? and Why?
    After this question, I was pretty sure about my placement in Qualcomm. And yes I am in Qualcomm.

This is my experience and Qualcomm interview questions. If you have any queries, kindly post in the comment section bellow. I will do my best to get your questions resolved.


  1. Thanks for helping. I have qualcomn interview next month. I would like to contribute my interview experince as well.

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