Pole to Win Interview Questions | Testing Profile

Pole to Win Interview Questions | Testing Profile

I appeared for the Pole to Win Interview at Bangalore. I don’t remember the complete detail and all the Pole to Win Interview Questions, but I can summarize each round so that it will be easy for you to prepare for the Pole to Win interview.

About Pole to Win:

This is is the Testing outsource company. You can visit their official website for more detail about the company profile.

Pole to Win Interview Questions for Testing Profile

There are multiple rounds of the interview you will face. Here is a quick description of the type of interview.

Round 1:

It will be a general introduction about yourself to HR. It is just like a one-on-one with HR (Jamming session). This round is for you to feel free at their ambiance.

Round 2:

In this round, they will ask you to write an Essay. It is purely to test your grammar.

There are also some Aptitude test questions and some basic stuff. This is to test your analytics.

To prepare for this round, do refer 13 Best Aptitude Test Preparation Tips. If you get good at these tips, it will be easy for you to crack this round.

Round 3:

This round is to test your Grammar skill solely.

There are 75 marks allotted for this round. You will be asked for writing articles and questions related to the proposition, conjunction, all the basic grammar.

Each question carries one mark.

For this check this website, I heard they are taking a question from this website.

Testing Interview Questions

Round 4:

This is the Technical round and you will face one of the Team lead of the company.

As  Pole to win is testing outsource company, almost all the question in a technical interview related to the testing.

To crack this round, you should know the software testing fundamentals.

I would suggest you go through all the different types of testing, definitions and a quick description. Such as…

  •  Ad-hoc testing,
  • Smoke testing,
  • Functional testing,
  • Regression testing,
  • Sanity testing,
  • Unit testing,
  • Integration testing,
  • System testing
  • all the basic manual testing definition

Some of the candidates were asked for the questions on RPA automation testing.

And they will ask you, from the game you played. They will ask about the general story-line.

Here are some of the gaming console question you can prepare for the interview.

  • Who is the publisher for the game?
  • What are the top publishers in the gaming niche?
  • What are the different types of gaming consoles?
    Solution: Some of the listed gaming consoles are Xbox, PS2, PS3, PS 4, Wii, and Nintendo.

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Final HR Interview Questions:

Round 5:

This is the last interview round. Clearing the first four rounds,  it clearly shows you a most suitable candidate for their testing job profile. So this round is to know about the company, understanding company policy, your Job Profile and your flexibility to work in different shift timing.

This is a general conversation with HR. They will tell you about their company policies.

The question they asked: Are you able to work in night shift?

HR can ask any questions but it will of general discussion between you and the company. So kindly prepare these 5 top HR interview questions.

All the Best Guys!

If you have any question to ask related to Pole to Win interview for the testing profile, feel free to ask me in the comment.

Editor’s Note: These are Pole to Win interview questions and experience written by the candidate. Thanks for a candidate for sharing this to help other people seeking Job opportunity in testing profile. We wish him a very bright future.


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