Petasense Interview Questions for Python Developer | Online Coding Test

Petasense Interview Questions for Python Developer | Online Coding Test

I got a call from the HR team and they schedule the interview over the call. I had three interviews rounds.

Here I’m sharing my experience and Petasense interview questions. This opening was Senior Software Engineer for the Bangalore, India location.

Petasense Interview Questions

Online Test

I was asked to give the online coding test on Hackerearth. There were one coding queston that need to solve in 90 minutes.

After cracking this coding test, I got a call from HR and asked me for my available date and time for the interview.

Technical Interview Questions

I had a telephonic interview. Here are some of the questions I remember they asked me in the interview. There was only one interviewer in the interview.

We have initial intro session where we both introduce each other.

  • What is the difference between process and threads? What are the resources shared among the threads in a process?
    Answer: Difference between process and thread in Operating System
  • Explain your current project.
    Answer: I explained to him my project with the current employer which is related to the REST API development.
  • He asked me some questions on REST API development.
  • What are the different types of HTTP methods and use cases?
  • What is the difference between PUT and POST method?

I don’t see they have any predecided set of questions to ask me. They were asking the questions based on what I answer in the previous questions.

There were a few more questions asked on Python that I don’t remember now. To qualify this technical interview round, prepare for Python basic interview questions.

After this interview, I got a call from their HR team. They schedule coding interview round.

Coding Interview Round

There were two interviewer in this round. They use live editor where I can write the code and they can see it live.

There were only one question was asked.

Also discussed the different appropriated and their complexity.

One advice, before writing code, propose your solution or approach.

After this interview round, they schedule one System Design interview. They rescheduled it later and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

All the Best!

Editor’s Note: To the candidate who shared this experience with CSEstack, thanks for sharing Petasense interview questions and your experience. This will help many job aspirants. Best wishes for your future.

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