Oracle Interview Questions | IIT Candidate Experience

Oracle Interview Questions | IIT Candidate Experience

Hi guys, I am a student from IIT Kanpur. I have appeared for Oracle placement in our campus. Here I am sharing Oracle interview questions and my experience.

Oracle Written Test:

Written test includes four sections.

  • Coding Section:  It includes 20 questions and allotted time is 30 minutes. Practice solving coding questions asked in a previous placement coding rounds.
  • Computer Science Knowledge: There were 20 questions from computer science. 20 minutes was given to solve all questions from this section.
  • Contextual Communication: There were 20 questions for 22 minutes.
  • Soft Engineering Aptitude: We have to solve 40 questions in 50 minutes. This section has more questions. To do the well in this round, you need practice solving aptitude questions.

Not clear but it is considered to be having a sectional cutoff.

Oracle Job Profile:

They were looking for three profile and asked students for their preferences.

  • Member of Techincal Staff – Server technology Group
  • Application developer
  • One is for Finance related profile.

Oracle conducts written test first. Candidate clearing written test are allowed for interview rounds.

Oracle Interview Questions:

I am not remembering all the question, but still following are some questions I came across.

First Interviewer has a sound knowledge of data structure and graph. He asked me many questions related to the graph.

Again, in the second interview, he asked me questions from the basic data structure.

Frankly saying I am thankful as mind staged with a quick example. It’s divine sage. I gave an example of “Blind people standing in a queue”. Evey person in line is connected with next to one. The person in the queue is not aware of any other person in a queue except his predecessor.

He astonished with my quick example.

  • Then he asked me to write a flowchart for election system.

After Oracle interview questions from technical round, there was an HR round.

HR Oracle Interview Questions:

The next interview was to test stress management. He started with the elaborating importance of the stress management.

Then he asked me a question to race my thinking.

Question: There is a duster (block of wooden) with two buttons on it. How will you create TV remote from it? What are the functionalities you will add? How many functions are possible to implement on a duster with two buttons?

Remember, they are not looking for any technical answer. So don’t be stressed. They ask you to imagine and how much are you good at that.

Last round was the HR round and it was a formality. But again, don’t take it lightly. Prepare for all the basic HR interview questions.

Finally, I am very happy to see myself getting into Oracle placement.

Wrapping Up:

What I find is, every student was asked for different sets of the Oracle interview questions in placement round. I can say, though Oracle is a database company, the interviewer asked me many questions on the data structure. So prepare for data structure along with database management related questions.

Do prepare well and all the best for your placement. I would like to see you in Oracle.

Editor’s Note: The anonymous candidate has shared this experience. Thanks, candidate for sharing your experience and helping other job aspirants.

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