NVIDIA Interview Questions and Answer | Coding for Software Engineers

NVIDIA Interview Questions and Answer | Coding for Software Engineers

This is a telephonic interview experience with NVIDIA. After getting a referral from one of my colleagues working in NVIDIA, I got a call from NVIDIA HR.

And he scheduled an interview with the project manager.

NVIDIA Interview Questions for Software Engineers

At the scheduled time, the interviewer called me on mobile.

We had an initial discussion and we introduced each other. He told me about the project and the work he is doing there currently.

I explained to him my project that I’m working on in the current company. He asked some questions about my project and work. My project was based on REST APIs. So, he asked me some general interview questions on REST APIs.

Like, how REST API is different from SOAP protocol.

Later he asked me to open a simple online text editor (not the compiler) in the browser.

He has given me two programming challenges to write code.

NVIDIA Coding Questions

Here are those two coding questions asked in NVIDIA.

  1. Finding duplicate numbers in the given array where each number in the array will be in range (0, n-1). (n is the size of the array.)
    Answer: This can be done very easily by sorting the array. It will take O(nlog) if you apply to merge sort. The interviewer asked me to solve in O(n) time. Use hashing. It will take O(n) time to find all the duplicate numbers in the array.
  2. Write a program to find the two unique numbers in linear time.
    Answer: Use the XOR operation to find the unique elements. This will solve the problem in O(n) time.

He has just 30 minutes allotted for the interview. So you have to solve these coding challenges in 30 minutes.

The text editor link will be shared with the interviewer. Whatever you write on the text editor, it will be visible to the interviewer.

You can solve these problems in any programming languages. I choose Python programming to solve these problems.

This is all about my experience attending the NVIDIA interview.

Editors’ Note: This NVIDIA interview questions and coding round experience are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for the future.

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