MindTree Interview Questions and Answers [Through Amcat Test]

MindTree Interview Questions and Answers [Through Amcat Test]

I am writing my interview experience with Mindtree it may be helpful to you guys. Also sharing the Mindtree interview process through Amcat in detail for freshers.

I had applied for this job to the junior engineer profile. There were three rounds including an online test, technical and HR interviews.

Here is the Mindtree selection procedure through the Amcat test.

MindTree 1st Round: Online Test

This is AMCAT online test for one hour.  Try your best. I think they use the relative score to compare with the other students. The location was Bangalore, India.

Coding: Two Programs

Here are two programs, they asked me to code for.

  1. Write the program for calculating GCD(a,b) of two numbers.
  2. It was related to the Array of Pointers by dynamically allocating memory to an array.
    The array needs to be sorted say k, (k< length of the array) to be sorted in ascending order And (l-k) to be sorted in descending order.

To crack this coding round, you need to practice solving programming questions. Here is a list of programming questions asked in many interviews.

MindTree 2nd Round: (Technical + Hr)

The second was a Technical as well as HR round.

Following are the questions you should prepare to crack this round.

You should make your resume neat and clean with standard formatting. Prepare everything from your CV. They look at your resume in detail.

Then they ask me to introduce myself. You should talk at least for a minute. So keep 5-6 sentences read that you would like to tell.

  • As I told about my hobbies and interest in the introduction, they asked me some questions related to my hobbies and interest.
  • As I have one year gap, they ask me for a reason for it. Why do you have a gap in your education?
  • What’s your favorite subject and programming language?
    Answer: I told them as I am good at  C/C++ programming and Data Structure. They asked me some basic questions on various topics related to programming and DS.
  • When I told them about my interest in C/C++ programming, they ask me one more question. If you get a chance to work with different technology how will you be able to do that?
    Answer: I convince them as I am flexible to work on any technology.
  • Some questions were asked related to my project. As it is a group project, what is your role in your project?
  • What is the real-world implementation of the project?
  • Apart from hobbies and interests, any other thing where you skilled yourself or you are really good at?
    Answer: Prepare this question in advance. At least, you should have some points.
  • Would you like to prefer to work in a group or go with the individual?
  • Explain your code from your coding round.
    Answer: I explain to them the complete logic of the program and then they ask me to optimize the code.
  • How will you calculate the addition of diagonal elements to the matrix?
    Answer: You don’t need to write a program for it. Explain to them the logic on paper.
  • What are the different types of testing?
    Answer: For testing, check out the interview questions for the testing the profile job.
  • What are the new emerging technologies?
    Answer: I told them about virtualization and cloud computing. They don’t expect you should know in detail. It is only to know if you are aware and bothered about the latest IT technology updates.
  • Where do you see yourself after 3-4 years?
    Answer: This is one of the most common questions, many times many companies ask this.
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Mindtree 3rd Roucnd: HR

For me, the HR people were really friendly. Not sure about the other HR interview panels. Be yourself and express your thoughts. Be honest.

Here are some common HR questions asked in the HR round. You should practice answering them.

Though this round looks easy, don’t take it lightly. This round is important as other technical interview rounds.

Happy to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Editors’ note: This experience about the Mindtree interview process through Amcat is shared by Palav. We wish him all the best in his future career journey.

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