Microsoft Customer Engineer Interview Questions for Freshers

Microsoft Customer Engineer Interview Questions for Freshers

Hello, I applied for Microsoft Off-campus recruitment for the role of Customer Engineer. A couple of weeks later I received a mail from them to apply for the reference ID on their career portal page.

Microsoft IGD Assessment Test

Few days later, I was invited to take the assessment Microsoft IGD Test. The duration of this test is 1 hours 25 mins.

This included:

  1. Aptitude or Reasoning or Verbal (Check Aptitude Preparation Tips)
  2. OOPs concepts, Operating System and Database (DBMS)
  3. Two Dynamic Programming questions

After you qualify for this round, you’ll receive next mail for the interviews.

Microsoft Customer Engineer Interview Questions

The total number of interview rounds may vary. In my case there were 3 interview rounds conducted.

1. Technical Interview

This round generally is comprised of your technical aspects and domain-related questions. So, practice it well beforehand. It was a 50 min interview with practical implementations of your programming knowledge in a given scenario by the interviewer.

Tip: Just try to take a minute and analyze the scenario in your head before coming up with a solution. The answer doesn’t need to perfect but how you manage to fit in well with your concepts.

2. HR Interview

So, this was an HR round where she asked me to introduce myself and about my passion. After this she gave me a scenario- if suppose you’re put in a situation where you have to deal with a client who wish to know about another domain you’re not familiar with and wants to use it in his business, how would you tackle this?

The answer is completely up to you and subjective how you deal with it.

Tip: Apart from this don’t forget to go through the other domains of the company and their global products and their delivery success globally. Also, be prepared for common HR interview questions.

3. Behavioral and Technical Interview

This was the final round, which was conducted by a senior developer at Microsoft. He asked me to introduce myself and the various projects, internships I’ve done. He just asked few scenario-based questions related to cloud computing and from my resume.

Tip: Make sure your resume is designed properly. Be thorough with your resume and aware of the Job profile you’re applying for. The domains they work within and be ready for their application-based solutions.

No doubt the off-campus drives are way too long and require patience for the awaiting results. I’ll advise all the fellas to be focused and have a positive attitude.

Hope this will help you, Good luck 🙂

Any advice for candidate applying for this job?

Preparation Tips: A good hold on the fundamentals of CS. Practice DSA, OOPs, Computer Networking, OS and Database concepts as much you can. Dynamic programming is a must.

Editors’ Note: This Microsoft customer engineer interview questions for freshers and experience is shared by Gurusha. We wish her all the best!

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