21 Krazybee Interview Questions and Answers for Developer/Project Lead

21 Krazybee Interview Questions and Answers for Developer/Project Lead

I attended Krazeebee Interviews in Bangalore, India. Here are my experience and the Krazybee interview questions and answers as I can recall.

Krazybee is one of the Fintech and well-funded startups in India.

I had two face-to-face interview rounds on the same day, one followed by another.

Technical Krazybee Interview Questions

There was only one interviewer in an interview panel for this round.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. What is the performance difference between Python 3.5 and 3.7 version?
  3. What are the advantages of tuple over the list? When to use a tuple instead of a list?
    Answer: List vs Tuple in Python
  4. Tell me about the project that you are currently working on.
  5. What is the generator in Python?
    Answer: Generator function uses yield over return and preserves the state.  You can read it in more detail.
  6. How memory is handled in Python? How does the Garbage collector work in Python?
    Answer: Python uses a reference count mechanism for memory management and for garbage collection.
  7. There are infinity elements in the list which consists of 0’s followed by 1’s. Find the first occurrence of 1. You have to tell them the most optimistic way of solving this problem.
  8. There is a list of numbers in sequence from 1 to 999. Example: list1=[1, 2, 3, ..., 199]. There is one number missing in the list. Find that missing number?
    Solution 1: One simple method is to traverse the list from the first element and identify the missing number in the list. But this is not an optimal solution.
    Solution 2: Calculate the sum of number series using formulae n(n+1)/2 (says a). Calculate the sum of the elements on the list using the sum() method (say b). The missing number in the list is a-b. This is the most optimistic way of solving this problem.
  9. I had mentioned the Python bottle framework in my one resume. So, he asked me the difference between bottle, flask and Django framework.
    Answer: One of the major advantages of the bottle is more lightweight than Flask and Django. To use a Bottle framework you just need to copy one Python file. Django has provided the admin panel by default which is not available in the case of the Bottle and Flask framework.
  10. What is the difference between static and instance variables?
  11. What is HTTP 303 and 500 status code?
    Answer: HTTP 3XX status code is used for redirection. Whereas, 5XX status code is used to depict server-side error/failure.

Check Python interview questions and answers to get the answers to all the Python-related questions.

Managerial Interview Questions

After completing the first round, they asked me for the second interview round with a project manager.

  1. What do you know about Krazybee?
  2. I explained the project I worked on. He asked some questions related to my projects.
  3. I explained to him the DevOps concept we follow in our project development. We use git for source code management, Gerrit as code repository and Jenkins for CD (continuous development) and CI (continuous integration).
  4. What is the major challenge you faced and delivered a quick solution in less time?
  5. What are the different databases you are familiar with?
  6. If a certain SQL query is taking more time, how you can optimize it?
    Answer: I suggest a couple of approaches by giving examples. We can run the query in asynchronous mode if it does not have a dependency on other parts of the code. We can create the database view instead of getting data from the actual database. The SQL queries can be optimized by rearranging the filter conditions.
  7. Which library did you use for web scraping?
    Answer: I used BeautifulSoap for scraping the data. JSON and XML Python libraries for parsing and formatting data. There are some other Python libraries for web scraping like Scrappy.
    (They can ask you many questions on this topic. Check web scraping interview questions and answers to prepare well.)
  8. What are the Python libraries you worked on for data analytics?
    Answer: I worked on a Numpy array for data handling, Pandas for cleaning, Skikit-learn for machine learning algorithms, Matplotlib for visualizing the content in graphical form. Apart from these, there are many data science libraries we can use for Data Analytics.
  9. Why do you think being a lead is more challenging than being a developer?
    Answer: Developer has responsibility for the individual work to accomplish. Apart from his individual contribution to the project development, the team leader has the responsibility of getting work done from the team. The team leader should know the strength of each individual in the team. If any requirement comes in, the team leader has to estimate the time required and have to assign it to the team member who can accomplish the task in a better manner.
  10. Any questions for me?

Some questions may vary based on the project you have mentioned in the resume and the job role you are applying for.

All the best!

Editor’s Note: These Krazybee Interview Questions and experience are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for endeavors.

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