5 Candidates Share Infosys Test Pattern | Placement Paper to Crack

5 Candidates Share Infosys Test Pattern | Placement Paper to Crack

We are sharing the Infosys Test Pattern and Placement Paper. These experiences shared by the candidates- how they have cracked Infosys online test.

Candidate 1

How to Prepare for Quantitative Infosys Test?

For quantitative, according to me, quants questions were easy. I have questions from number system, mixture and allegation, crypto and some puzzles type questions. Also prepare topics like LCM and HCF, probability, number series, time and work, time speed and distance and puzzle.

How to Prepare for Reasoning for Infosys?

For reasoning, we just have to use our brain because there is no such question in my set which is related to any formula. I don’t remember exactly but mainly questions are related to statements but not like normal questions. So the question was like there are 4 or 3 statements and some options are there. You have to choose that which option is correct means which statements are related to each other like that. Only this much I remember so I can say this much only.

How to Practice Verbal Questions for Infosys?

For verbal, questions are too much and the time is less. So, prepare well for that, prepare for grammar. I think, if you are good in English, you can able to solve it. But, the main thing is time management. So, practice is necessary in the verbal section.

There were 2-3 puzzles questions and 5 questions from Syllogism.

What are the Questions asked in the English section for Infosys test?

In English, there were questions from sentence correction and fill in the blanks. Try to solve paragraphs in the end because they were time taking.

No questions from previous year papers were asked. Instead of this, get your concepts clear before giving the exam.

For me, even many quants were data sufficiency types and interest profit loss related. There was a cryptarithmetic problem. Verbal was moderately hard but long.

Practice puzzle based, seating arrangements, syllogism, and all other kinds of reasoning questions. Be careful not to waste time in verbal. If you don’t know how to solve a particular question, try substituting the answers.

Following are some Puzzle Questions I remember from Infosys Test.

  • Two dice are tossed, what is the probability of getting sum as even or prime number?
  • Solve the series and find the next two terms. -1,0,1,1,2,5,3, ?,?
    Options: 7,9 | 5,8 | 5,4 | 7,8
  • Find the next sequence XAT:BGQ:SIM:?
  • Seating arrangement (Three teams were there. We have to arrange the players according to given conditions.)
  • 2 large comprehension in the verbal section- one at the starting and one at the last. Both are time-consuming but easy.
  • One CryptoarithemAtic question (EAT+THAT=APPLE), find the value of PLATE.

It was in my case. Maybe next time, they would change it. Still, go through it. All the best.

Candidate 2

Aptitude was good. The reasoning was a little bit tricky. You will get enough time so just think and solve. Try not to waste time in verbal because for 40 questions you will get only 35 minutes.

Mainly syllogisms and permutations.

If LET + LEE = ALL then find A+L+L . (E=5)

If you have a good English vocabulary that will be a plus for you people. Finding grammatically mistakes in the sentences, fill-ups with an adjective and two passages going to be there. Logical reasoning and quants questions are not that much difficult. Basic aptitude is more than enough. But 40 marks questions will be from verbal side itself.

Time management is very crucial. Follow these Aptitude preparation tips shared by Heena Rajpal. It will save your lot of time while solving aptitude questions dusing Infosys test.

Candidates 3

One should have good reading skills in the section. In English two reading comprehensions with 10 questions and seven theme deduction questions. They are very easy to take if you prepare well.

As Infosys cut off for English is 20 marks we can score 15 marks easily here. And remaining questions are the active-passive voice and fill in the blanks. In that, we can easily score five marks.

Aptitude Questions Asked in Infosys Online Test

Coming to aptitude we should be keen about every topic of basics. And you should solve more puzzle based questions like the sitting arrangement so that we can solve there easily. Quantitative cut off is six out of 10. If you solve only sitting arrangement correctly we can score five marks there.

For reasoning reverse syllogisms and Di are 10 marks. Another five questions are statement selection. If you are good at basics, that’s enough in this topics.

The paper was very difficult. Around 1500 gave the test in Delhi and only around 300 got called for an interview. Only less than half got selected in an interview. If you are from Delhi, chances are very less. Also, management is very poor.

To ensure your chances, go through all the previous interview questions asked in Infosys.

Don’t practice previous years papers because there were no repeated questions. Just learn the concepts and go. Time management is very important.

Candidate 4

To crack Infosys written test you should be more than excellent in English. That’s all.

Infosys Test Pattern:

Questions from the quantitative section will be easy.

English will be a little tough. I can say,  if you are good at grammar, it’s easy. Passages are lengthier. Try solving lengthy passages and learn some tricks to save time.

They don’t ask you Aptitude questions. They just ask you puzzles and reasoning.

Guys prepare more for English side. Because it is one of the tough parts. If you are well in English vocabulary then surely you will succeed in that part.

Reasoning part includes mostly data sufficiency questions and one coding-decoding, five questions on fill in the blanks, 2 or more questions on error finding. Maths part includes permutation and combination, percentage. There were some few other topics but basic questions only.

Guys, verbal and English preparation is more about practice. Choose hard and best topic. Read and solve it, because that helps to success. Don’t prepare basic. Go for tough questions for practice.

Prepare English well. It is tough. In logical reasoning prepare syllogism, data sufficiency, puzzle maths. Focus on permutation and combination, probability, allegation, and mixture. Manage time in English.

In an interview, they will ask you from your resume. Prepare your resume well. Check the standard format for the resume to understand what you should skip and add in your resume

I think there is no pattern in terms of topic. You have to prepare for everything. The thing they want to check is how strong your logic is.

In quantitative, they ask more logical type questions. English passages are very much time-consuming. Don’t waste too much time here.

Best of luck guys prepare well.

Candidate 5

For aptitude section, there were questions from data sufficiency.

English is time-consuming. There are 2 passages in this section. From the passage, they asked five questions from each passage.

Some questions were from error finding and sentence matching.

There must be some chart problem as well. Most of the questions are on p&c and probability. And you must be prepared for English if you want to crack the Infosys test.

THAT+EAT=PLATE P+L+A+T+E= ANS may be 21.  Check at your end.

For me, there are no crypto arithmetic questions.

Quick Tips to Crack Infosys Test:

  • Prepare permutation and combination, probability, time and distance as much as you can.
  • In reasoning, prepare four variables arrangements questions.
  • For us, there were no negatives marking. Before giving the exam, please ensure if there is negative marking or not. In case, if there is no negative marking, don’t skip any question.
  • Focus on English grammar, Lengthy questions. Time is also less.

Prepare well and all the best!

Editors’ Note: We wish all the best for all the candidates for sharing Infosys test pattern and placement paper. Your experience definitely will help many other job seekers. Thanks!

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