IBM ISL Interview Experience for Software Engineer | Set 3

IBM ISL Interview Experience for Software Engineer | Set 3

I am sharing my IBM ISL interview experience. ISL is India Software Lab. IBM visited our campus . An offered job profile is Software Engineer. They offered internship plus full-time employment for IBM ISL lab.

It consists of written test as well as followed by technical and HR interview.

IBM ISL Written Test Experience:

They took two written test. The first one test was an online test. It consists of 18 number series question and 18 aptitude question. The time duration for this test was 90 minutes but for each question, 2.5 minutes was allotted. So you have to solve this question within 2.5 minutes.

After that they shortlisted candidates. They started 2nd written test which was pen and paper test. It was tough. It consists of question from the network, operating system, design pattern, C and CPP questions.

After this again they shortlisted candidates for interviews. Here is my IBM ISL Interview Experience. The first interview was technical and second was HR round.

IBM ISL Interview Experience:

The first was technical round in that he asked questions from C, Operating system, Data Structure. Ther was also some questions related to internship project. Following are the list of IBM ISL interview questions.

  • What will be the size of the executable file of C?
  • What are the various Storage classes in C? He was mainly concerned with extern storage class in c.
  • What will happen when function call has been made in c programme?
  • Operating system questions were basically related to the thread vs process, synchronization, semaphore, virtual memory.
  • Then he gave a question to identify the problem. What will happen when the deadlock happens and how to solve that problem?
    You can read the detail about the deadlock in operating system.
  • Write a programme to reverse the number only using bitwise operator. Input will be the decimal number like 4 its binary is 100. You have to reverse this binary number mean 001 and print it.
  • After that what is binary search tree?
  • Write a programme to insert a node in binary search tree.

Read other candidates IBM ISL experiences. The more you prepare previous IBM ISL interview questions, you will get a clear understanding of the topic you should prepare for.

It was a 1-hour interview. After that, they shortlisted me for next round.
Next round was actually HR round. He asked some questions related to the project mentioned in a resume.


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