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What is the Use of Function Overloading in C++?

What is the use of function overloading in C++? Why is it important? Explained with example.

C and C++ Programming Tutorials for Beginners | Coding Examples

C and C++ programming tutorial for beginners. Learn complete basic to master concepts explained with coding examples and solutions by Aniruddha Chaudhari.


C++ or Python | Which Programming Language Deserves More Praise?

What is Differences Between C++ And Python? Advantages Of Python and CPP. Use of programming language.

coding challenge

35+ Competitive Coding Questions with Solutions | asked in Interviews

Competitive coding questions with solutions asked in Interviews 2022 for product based companies. Coding challenges are solved in programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python…

bit manipulation

Divide and Multiply a number by Two using Bitwise Operator (Without ‘*’, ‘/’)

Write a C/C++ program to divide or multiply a number by two using bitwise operator? Solve it without ‘/’ and ‘*’.


C++ Program to Find the nth Bit of Number (Bit Masking)

Write a program to find the nth bit of number? Check if the ith bit is set or not using bit masking.

C++ Program to Count the Number of Set Bits in a Number

Write a C/C++ program to count the number of set bits. Find total set bits.

bit manipulation

C++ Program to Check Odd or Even Number without using Modulo

Write a C++ Program to check odd or even number without using modulo operator. Use logical AND operator to find out odd and even number.


Write a Program to Find the Median of Array (by Sorting)

Write a program to find the median of array? C/C++, Java, Python code explained with array example.