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bit manipulation

Divide and Multiply a number by Two using Bitwise Operator (Without ‘*’, ‘/’)

Write a C/C++ program to divide or multiply a number by two using bitwise operator? Solve it without ‘/’ and ‘*’.

bit manipulation

C++ Program to Check Odd or Even Number without using Modulo

Write a C++ Program to check odd or even number without using modulo operator. Use logical AND operator to find out odd and even number.

bit manipulation

6 Bitwise Operators in Python | Coding Example

What are the Bitwise operators in Python – AND, OR, NOT, XOR, Right Shift and Left Shift? Performing bitwise operations explained with example and code.

bit manipulation

C Program to Count Number of Ones in Binary [Set bits in an Integer]

Write a C Program to Count Number of Ones in Binary and set bits in an integer using right shift bitwise operation with output.

bit manipulation

[Two Easy Methods] How to Find 2’s Complement?

How to find 2’s complement of any number? 2’s complement of the number will be helpful in many bit operations.

bit manipulation

How to Convert Decimal to Binary in C/C++ Program?

Write a simple C/C++ program to convert decimal to binary. Write C function for conversion with and without recursion.