Coupon Dunia Interview Questions and Placement Paper

Coupon Dunia Interview Questions and Placement Paper

I am sharing Coupon Dunia Interview Questions and my experience about Coupon Dunia placement paper. First of all, I didn’t get the offer from Coupon Dunia. But I would like to share whatever was asked in the Interviews

There were 3 rounds for this company (out of which I faced 2).

1st Round: Online Coding Round on hacker rank (90 minutes)

Three coding questions were asked:

  1. Two arrays are there having some values at indexes say A[1],A[2],A[3],…A[n] and B[1],B[2],B[3],…B[n]. Both are of the same size. Write a function which can accept these two arrays which may have values in any permutation and will give the minimum sum of the product of values i.e. A[1]*B[1]+A[2]*B[2]….A[n]*B[n].
  2. Given a string write a function to find the count of the minimum number of characters to be removed such that to make the string palindrome.
  3. Given two numbers A and B having the same number of digits. Find the count of the pair of numbers which are the permutation of each other and those pair values should be in between A and B.
    Say A=10 and B=40, so the pairs would be <12, 21>, <13, 31>, <23, 32> therefore solution is 3.

To crack this round, practice solving coding questions.

2nd Round: Coupon Dunia Interview Questions

It is a technical Interview on Skype.

It was for 40 minutes. He asked me basic questions on almost all the CS subjects.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • My B. Tech project. Some questions on it.
  • Then a basic question on HTML difference between id tag and class tag.
  • Given a scenario that you need to write a code such that at any cost the password of the user should not be lost means can’t be able to read, as the same password user may use for other accounts too so it may affect him/her. So how will we solve this?
    A big discussion happened over it.
    I suggested so many cryptography techniques. But he counterattacked it and found the vulnerability in each of them.
    Solution: In the end, he himself gave the solution that we will not store the password. We will take the password and will perform a hashing kind of technique, the kind of technique used in the hashmap. And we will store that hashed value. So even if the database is hacked, the hacker won’t get the original password and user will be at the safer side. And also now to identify the user at the time of login we will take the password, perform that hashing technique and will just compare that result with the one stored in the database.
  • There were a few questions related to different types of database keys.
  • Some OS related question out of which I remember ‘What is thrashing?’
  • Then explain merge sort and it’s complexity.
  • What are the different types of sorting algorithms?
  • A database questions: We can see in the Facebook as we have friend list (some of which are friends and some are requested to us and some are the request sent by us). So how many tables will we require?
    Solution: I said 2 tables – 1st one having columns with all the info of user and 2nd one will have tree columns – One for the user ID, second for the friend ID, and third having the check value say integer values ex. 1 for the friend, 2 for pending request, 3 for received request but not accepted. But I missed applying the constraints. So he corrected me and told me that the userId and friendID columns will be foreign key referencing to the primary key of the 1st table i.e. userInfo table.
  • Few more Coupon Dunia interview questions were there, but I don’t remember them. Just the last question i.e. he asked me to write the pseudo code for reversing the linked list using recursion. (But I failed to write, i.e. was knowing the logic but failed to code it).

My Advice If you are appearing for Interview

I was not shortlisted for the 2nd tech interview which was the last round. But the one who got selected and got the offer shared the experience and said that they asked him about the dynamic programming and made him write code (just pseudo code) on it and also to draw a class diagram for the airport and some more questions.

The thing which, I think, made me face rejection was my lack of clarity in explaining the things. I was assuming that the person asking me Coupon Dunia interview questions know everything. Because of which while explaining I was skipping so many basic things.

So I will just suggest that, while attending Coupon Dunia interview questions, you should try to explain. Explain in such a way that you are explaining to a person who knows nothing about that topic. Explain him from basic to the end with complete clarity.

Be calm and take your own time, no need to worry about the time during the interview.


Editor’s Note: Thank you Akhil Tambi for sharing Factset Interview Questions and your experience about Factset placement. We wish you all the best for your future.

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